Polyborder Image Opt

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This new set of photoshop actions works much like the ones we've used previously, with three buttons. The button for the final step is the only one that has changed. Instead of being called 'crop save close,' it is called 'Auto_Border' because it adds a border to the object automatically -- so you don't have to eyeball it!

Procedure for new actions:

  1. Rotate 90 degrees as usual (if necessary)
  2. Align Edges as usual
  3. Auto_Border
    1. For relatively square objects, use the familiar Rectangular Marquee Tool, but draw the box to the edge of the object, without leaving any border
    2. For objects that aren't square, use the Lasso Tool: right click on the Lasso Tool icon and select Polygonal Lasso Tool, then use it to click on each corner of the object (eventually making it back to the corner you started from).
    3. Click Auto_Border button