Obtaining PURLs for online content

From UA Libraries Digital Services Planning and Documentation

Log in here: http://purl.lib.ua.edu/id/new.php

You'll see this: NewPurl.jpg

Enter the file identifier for the item for which you want a PURL. An example would be u0003_0000159_0000001 for the first item in MS 159, the Tom Birdsong paper.

This is so we can track it -- if it gets moved, the database will have to be updated with its new location.

The second box is where you put the current URL for that item. Please use the Acumen links, since that's where we're going. The item can be found by appending the item number onto http://acumen.lib.ua.edu

So... the Tom Birdsong paper above, u0003_0000159_0000001, would be found here if we have it online in Acumen: http://acumen.lib.ua.edu/u0003_0000159_0000001

After you put in these 2 values, click "ENTER." The software will check to see if a PURL already exists for that item, and if so, will give you that one -- if it doesn't, it'll make a new one and tell you what it is.

Use that PURL when inputting a link into the EAD, to link to that item. Please do include the file identifier in your entry also, for reference, because the PURL will not contain it.