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NOTE: Some overview of our databases is available on the wiki:Tracking_for_the_long_term

NOTE: The user "ds" while logged in on libcontent now has "select" privileges on all the databases we support (with no password). "ds" also has full privileges on the "test" database - you can do whatever you want there. You can find command info here:

1) to access the databases, log in:

       mysql -u {username}

substituting the user name for {username}. The ds user does not currently have a password. If you have a password, the command is:

       mysql -u {username} -p (enter)
       {password} (enter)


       mysql -u ds -p

NOTE: If you get an error when you try to log in, such as "Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket" -- contact OIT for assistance. MySQL is down, and hence, so is Acumen.

2) To find out what databases are available to you, type in: show databases;

3) to select a database:

       use {databaseName};


       use InfoTrack;

4) to find out what tables are in the database:

       show tables;

5) To find out what columns are in a table:

       show columns from {table};


       show columns from allColls;

6) To select everything in a table:

       select * from {table};


       select * from allColls;

7) To select a single column from a table:

       select {column} from allColls;


       select title from allColls;

7) To limit selection, use a "where" phrase, putting cell contents in quotes. The general form of the statement is: SELECT -- FROM {table} WHERE {column} LIKE {value} ORDER BY {column}; examples:

       select title from allColls where id_2009 like "u0003_0000580";
       select title from allColls where id_2009 like "u0003_0000580" and analogOrDigital like "D";
       select title from allColls where title like "%Gorgas%" and analogOrDigital like "D";

(NOTE: "%" is a wildcard.)

       select title from allColls where analogOrDigital like "D" order by id_2009;