Mission Statement and Scope

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Mission Statement: The University of Alabama Libraries through the Digital Services Program seeks to increase the visibility of and enhance the interaction with unique research and scholarly materials. Through innovative technologies and staffing, the Libraries provide online access to these materials and the tools to support their use in furthering the pursuit of knowledge. The Digital Services Program coalesces expertise across the Libraries in order to leverage skill sets and processes that further the Libraries’ mission.

Policy Statements:

  1. The Digital Services Program was created specifically for the purpose of digitizing, managing, making accessible online, and digitally preserving:
    1. Individual items and collections which are a part of the Libraries' permanent holdings,
    2. Other individual items and collections, the full digital rights to which have been assigned to the Libraries, or
    3. Items or entire collections that are part of a collaborative agreement, program, or project that directly benefits the University Libraries.
  2. The Digital Services Program focuses on projects that encompass broader services and benefits to the Libraries in achieving their mission.
  3. The Digital Services Program actively seeks external funding sources, such as grants and endowments, to extend further the sustainability of the program and the engagement in appropriate collaborative opportunities.
  4. The University Libraries will evaluate external digitization projects to determine our appropriate level of involvement. Appropriateness will be weighed according to a consideration of several aspects: costs versus benefits; level of available resources and applicable expertise; expected outcome; impact on the ability to deliver on existing commitments; focus of content selection; size, type, and depth of commitment needed for a successful outcome; funding and other support available.
  5. All work performed by Libraries' Digital Services Program staff beyond the scope outlined in item 1 above will be carried out on a cost-recovery basis that includes all staffing and overhead costs (e.g., depreciation of equipment, utilities, space, etc.), as well as all costs associated with preparing assessments of the nature of the work and estimating the cost of performing the work that has been requested.
  6. Equipment acquired for the Digital Services Program is for use by the Digital Services staff and cannot be lent or borrowed onsite or off. The Sanford Media Center in Gorgas Library provides access to digitization equipment and training for UA students, and the Faculty Resource Center offers equipment and consulting for UA faculty. Self-service scanning is available at several locations in Gorgas Library.

Effective Date: December 1, 2008. Jlderidder