Mass Content Software

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  • to check filenames: Windows or Mac Perl script. File:BoxFolderCheck.txt
  • to repair multiple JPEG problem created due to multiple tiffs in a tiff file: Linux Perl script. File:Repair.txt
  • Perl script to make JPEGS on the Linux server from content located on a mounted Windows area, writing the JPEGs to the server and correcting for any problems: File:MakeMassJpegs.txt
  • to link content into the EAD. Depends on our local implementation of persistent URLs. Linux Perl script File:LinkContent.txt
  • to generate very minimal MODS files for each item: Linux Perl script. File:GenerateMods.txt Depends on MODS template such as this one found here Example_MODS_template
  • to distribute MODS, EAD and JPEGS into live web directories for pickup by delivery system: Linux Perl script. File:MakeMassLive.txt
  • to copy the latest version of the EAD live after indexing has occurred for the new content: File:EadLive.txt
  • Perl script to move the archival content from a mounted Windows area into a deposits directory on the Linux server, deleting the copies from the Windows side after verifying that the copy was successful: File:MoveMassContent.txt
  • File:CountByBox.txt is a Linux Perl script for the Cabaniss project, that gives us a count by box number of how many files are in the archive, and how many live on the web.
  • to test the file names prior to archiving: File:TestBoxFolder.txt
  • to upload the materials into the archive, creating LOCKSS manifests and linking content in: File:Relocating.txt

More software available here: Scripts