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Here's our plan for managing IDs within a METS file:

Since we may have more than one type of metadata, incorporate that into the DMD number. Use lowercase to disambiguate where the numbers begin, and reduce the amount of punctuation in the filename. Periods precede version numbers, underscores precede subpage numbers.

DMDID for each item will be metadata type followed by 4 numbers corresponding to sequence number DMDID for the main object is mods0000, or dc0000, or ead0000... if it's a link. if it's a subpage, such as page 2 subpage 4, it would be mods0002_004 -- again, note the relationship between sequence number and DMDID. If we use links to current version, then the incorporated DMDs are v1, and the links to the current version have no v value. so...

     the dmdSec ID  for the link to the current MODS for the primary object is mods0000,
     the dmdSec ID for the mdWrap MODS for the primary object is mods0000.v1.
     the dmdSec ID for the link to the current MODS for page 1 is mods0001, and 
     the dmdSec ID for the mdWrap MODS for page 1 is mods0001.v1.
     the dmdSec ID for the link to the current MODS for page 4 subpage 3 is mods0004_003
     the dmdSec ID for the mdWrap MODS for page 4 subpage 3 is mods0004_003.v1.

ADMIDs (technical metadata) will be similar, but no links. preface them with type of metadata. mix0004.v1, amd0004_003.v1

file ids (FID will be sequential. FID1, FID2, FID3. group ids will be used to group versions of an object. So... if we revise an archival file the new revision would be the same group id as the old revision. Thus, for the first rendition (and maybe the future ones?) the sequence id and the group id will be the same. ORDER value in the structmap should match sequence value in filesec ONLY if there are no subpages. if subpages, then if you have page 1, subpage 1a, subpage 1b, page 2 sequence in filesec is 1,2,3,4 order in structmap is 1,1,2,2: <mets:div order="1" ... > object itself

 <mets:div order="1"  ... > first page
   (fileptr here if image for first page)
    <mets:div order="1"  ... >... </mets:div>  first subpage of first page
    <mets:div order="2"  ... >... </mets:div> second subpage of first page
  <mets:div order="2"... >   second page
  ... then close the object div. 

fileGrp USE values: master, reference, transcript, ocr dirty, ocr clean, streaming_audio, thumbnail, finding aid, ...?.

structMap type=physical div type values: type content from item's mods:typeOfResource for object itself then "finding aid"? "page" and "subpage" if image, book, text if audio,...? session 1, session 2, etc?