Harald Rohlig Workflow and Specifications

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The information that was presented here is deprecated as of late 2009 and has been put in a gray font color to reflect this.


- arora, 051309



Collection of reel-to-reel cassettes featuring performance recordings of organist Dr. Harald Rohlig, retired Professor of Music at Huntingdon College, Montgomery, Alabama. Most recordings in the collection were made at Memorial Presbyterian Church, Huntingdon College, or St. John's Episcopal Church in Montgomery, Alabama.


1. Digitize/Optimize each reel as a master digital audio file.
2. Create metadata for each master file.
3. Create REAL audio version of each reel (divided into tracks) for Digital Collections website.
4. House copy of master digital audio files for purposes of audio preservation.

Hardware Requirements

1. DAW - (all software)
2. Otari MX5050 BII2 reel-to-reel deck
3. headphones and/or speakers for monitoring

Software Requirements

1. DAW - (all hardware)
2. Roxio Creator: Record Now Audio (CD burning software)