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The geographic facets are supported by making use of MODS hierarchicalGeographic fields.

Existing "geographic" subjects in the MODS are extracted and, if possible, assigned hierarchicalGeographic tags (splitting as necessary to do so). The elements supported are:

  • continent
  • country
  • province
  • region
  • state
  • territory
  • county
  • city
  • citySection
  • island
  • area
  • extraterrestrialArea

in that order. For example,

       United States--Alabama--Tuscaloosa County--Holt


  <subject authority="tgn">
       <country>United States</country>
       <county>Tuscaloosa County</county>

The intent is to allow users to drill down from the broadest categories to the narrowest, to refine search results.

The scripts live on libcontent in /srv/scripts/metadata/faceting . Testing mode is in the geo subdirectory (geoSplit, which works on the MODS in the MODS directory, and writes new versions to the newMODS directory.

The production version is in the /srv/scripts/metadata/faceting/lib/ directory, and is incorporated into the development versions of acumenFacets: acumenFacets_dev_dateNgeo and acumenFacets_dev_dateNgeoAllDirs (the latter to run over all of Acumen, and the former to run only on the MODS collected into the inMods directory by upload scripts).