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  1. expects a list of identifiers matching our file naming scheme (one per line); will check to see if item has a PURL already, in which case that will be provided; otherwise, obtains a new one, generating the expected URL for storage in the database: File:GetPurls.txt. Outputs tab-delimited file of identifier and PURL, one per line.
  2. Does the same as the above script, except it allows for inclusion of a call number on each line, which will be included in the output file: File:GetPurlsCN.txt

Online options are also available:

These PHP scripts exist (and the search options linked from their interfaces) on the libcontent server in /srv/www/htdocs2/id/ . They interact with the InfoTrack.bornDigital and InfoTrack.lookup database tables on the same server, to obtain and/or insert information about the born digital content we need to track, and about the persistent URLs (PURLs). For more information about the database, see Tracking_for_the_long_term.