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Instructions for using the manifestMods script

manifestMods is written in Perl and runs on the command line. Its purpose is to generate a MODS manifest that will be used with XMLspy to validate MODS. Because generates a manifest for validation when it is run, this script is specifically designed for MODS that need to be edited and reuploaded.

This script is located in the Digital Projects\Administrative\scripts\Metadata folder.

  • To use:
  1. Double click on the script.
  2. Choose which directory to look in from the options given by selecting the corresponding number, and press enter. (Currently the directory options are MODSedits within each Metadata person's staging area. This can be changed easily upon request.)
  3. Choose the subdirectory from the list given (this should be where the mods.xml files you'd like to validate are living) by selecting the corresponding number, and press enter.
  4. Wait for the script to tell you it's done, then find the manifest file in the top directory you chose.
    1. The manifest file will have a timestamp on the first part of the name, followed by "manifest.xml."
    2. Should look something like this: 20160330T151404.manifest.xml
  5. Follow the instructions to validate MODS using the manifest file you just made.