Finishing a Collection

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This page provides a checklist for finishing a collection. This happens when:

  • You upload a single-batch collection, OR
  • You upload the last batch from a collection (meaning there is no more metadata forthcoming or no more items in the collection to create metadata for -- NOT just when you leave off scanning a collection for a long period of time)

Before Upload

If the collection contains skipped items (as noted in the spreadsheet), create a Skipped Items log and add it to the Admin folder

After Upload

  • In the Selection.xlsx spreadsheet located in the Organization/Digital Programs folder, move the collection from the DS_inProgress tab to the DS_DigitizationComplete tab
    • If you don't find it on the DS_inProgress tab, it probably never made it off of the Queue tab -- look for it there, and if you find it, move it to DS_DigitizationComplete
  • If there is still a folder for the collection in the Digital_Coll_in_progress folder, make sure there's nothing in it that hasn't been uploaded (probably there won't be), then delete it
    • Obviously, if something hasn't been uploaded, do so before deleting the folder -- or else consider the collection still in progress until the remaining material has been uploaded
    • It's not necessary to keep the master Metadata in either spreadsheet or text export form; it can be reconstructed from the batch Metadata