Courtney Conner

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Courtney Conner is in her final year of law school; she'll finish her J.D. in May 2016. She earned a B.A. in Public Policy at Duke University in 2013. Courtney is both brilliant and dedicated, and has an exceptional attention to detail. She wanted a job that differed from her law school work to "give her brain a rest." We're very happy to be able to oblige! Courtney is making tremendous headway with our latest mass-digitization project, | the Pauline Jones Gandrud collection, which is in heavy demand by genealogists. Normally we simply link mass-digitized content into the finding aid, generating stub metadata automatically, so users can tag or transcribe content if they want. However, as she digitizes, Courtney writes abstracts about the most interesting content, to enable search and retrieval as well.