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When we are digitizing a bunch of tiny collections, we can save a tremendous amount of time by combining the tiny collections together. The folder set up will be the same as for singleton collections.

  • The top directory folder name MUST begin with "COMBO" -- such as COMBO_civilWar or COMBO_SC00034 or COMBO_ittyBittyCollections. The word "COMBO" will inform the scripts how to deal appropriately with the content: during QC, making derivatives for upload, and preparing content for preservation.

In this case, all scans from all the small collections go together in the Scans directory; all the transcripts into the same Transcripts directory

  • To save time, all metadata should go into a single metadata spreadsheet: comboMD.xlxs that will be exported as comboMD.txt.
  • All log file information should go into a single spreadsheet: combo.log.xlsx that will be exported as combo.log.txt.

The makeJpegs script will separate the metadata spreadsheet into collection-numbered M01 spreadsheets, the log file spreadsheet into collection-numbered logs, and will turn the ComboColl.txt containing the collection information into collection-numbered collection xml files.

The makeJpegs script will also check to see that we have all three of these for each collection, and that there are no scans for any other collections in the directory, prior to uploads.

The moveContent script will then upload each of these into separate directories in deposits, in preparation for archiving, as each collection is archived separately.

By following this process, we can save at least an hour and a half per tiny collection!

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