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When we are digitizing a bunch of tiny collections, we can save a tremendous amount of time by combining the tiny collections together (see Combo Collections).

However, when the content goes to be uploaded to the the archive, we will need separate metadata spreadsheets, log files and collection xml files.

In order to generate the latter, whoever sets up this content needs to create a spreadsheet for all the collection information, which will then be exported into tab-delimited UTF8 for transition into separate collection xml files.

The column headings in this spreadsheet correspond to the fields in the collection xml files:

  1. Collection_Number
  2. Digital_Collection_Name
  3. Alphabetized_By
  4. Type_Of_Content
  5. Analog_Collection_Name
  6. Manuscript_Number
  7. Finding_Aid_Link
  8. Digital_Collection_Description

There should be a row of information for each collection, taken primarily from the Selection spreadsheet Queue (S:\Digital Projects\Organization\Digital_Program\Selection.xlsx. ).

A copy of a blank comboColl.xlsx file can be found in S:\Digital Projects\Organization\Digital_Program\comboColl.xlsx. Copy and use this to generate yours!

Currently in our workflow, the makeJpegs script will split out this export into multiple xml files, and will also split out the metadata spreadsheets and logs from the combo files in which they are combined.