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The Digital Collection Browse pages are generated from the InfoTrack database, using information that came from the Collection XML.

During the upload process, the collection XML is picked up for new collections from the share drive when the archival files are moved to deposits. At this point, the file is cleaned of common encoding errors (from cut and paste from Word and PDF, and also XML restricted encodings) and stored in Acumen (as a landing page for collections with no EAD), in deposits (to go into the archive, in order to provide a quick overview of what is in the directory), and in the InfoTrack.allColls database table.

The "Type_Of_Content" value assigned in the Collection XML determines the icon to be used for the collection browse, if no icon is uploaded. Icons are stored here: [1] and referenced by the PHP that creates the browse pages.

To upload an icon, name it for the collection number and save as a PNG file, with ".icon" in the name, for example: u0001_2007002.icon.png . Place it in the Admin directory before running the moveContent script. If, when digitizing a collection, you find an image that you believe is representative of the collection, please generate an icon. Icons should be 108 pixels on the long side.

The "Digital_Collection_Name" is what will be displayed as the title (unless it's an EAD).

The "Digital_Collection_Description" is what will be displayed as the description, or blurb, unless an EAD exists for that collection which has an abstract value, or the entry is edited by hand in the database.

The "alphabetizedBy" value in the Collection XML determines the alphabetization used, and the URL is taken from the database (placed there by the moveContent script during the Collection XML upload).

NOTE: Web services manages the PHP code that generates this display.

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