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AudioRegent 1.1:


AudioRegent is a command-line Python script currently being used by the University of Alabama Libraries’ Digital Services to create web-deliverable MP3s from regions within archival audio files. In conjunction with a small-footprint XML file called SimpleADL and SoX, an open-source command-line audio editor, AudioRegent batch processes archival audio files, allowing for one or many user-defined regions, particular to each audio file, to be extracted with additional audio processing in a transparent manner that leaves the archival audio file unaltered. Doing so has alleviated many of the tensions of cumbersome workflows, complicated documentation, preservation concerns, and reliance on expensive closed-source GUI audio applications. - source:

Technical Information:

Default Setup

AudioRegent's default setup file, AudioRegent.xml, should be set as such:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <outputType default="ogg">wav</outputType>
  <SoxOptions default="gain -n -3">gain -n -3 channels 1</SoxOptions>
  <comment default=""></comment>
  <delete_outWavs default="true">true</delete_outWavs>
  <timestampLogFiles default="false">false</timestampLogFiles>

Associated Hardware/Software


The XML parsing module used by AudioRegent will break on non-UTF-8 encoded SimpleADL XML files if any diacritic characters exist.

  • To remedy this SimpleADL files should be encoded as UTF-8 files.

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