Archiving Tags

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Tagging now occurs in the Acumen delivery software, and tags are saved to the Acumen database.

We are no longer archiving tags, per instructions from our Associate Dean. Jlderidder 11:53, 28 June 2013 (CDT)

The following is obsolete.

1) On, change directory to /srv/scripts/storing/crowdsource/.

2) Verify that you have content to store: `ls /srv/deposits/crowdsourcing/tags/`

3) Remove previous test file: `rm RelocateManifests`

4) Edit relocateTags and uncomment $test = 1 near top of file

5) run: `relocateTags` (test version)

6) check RelocateManifests to see if manifests will be written correctly

7) check moveme to see if files will be copied correctly to new locations and versions

8) Edit relocateTags and comment out $test = 1 near top of file

9) run: `relocateTags`

10) check manifests in archive for collections modified

11) if okay, run: `checkem` to md5sum original file against copies and delete original from deposits

12) check deposits to make sure all files are gone: `ls /srv/deposits/crowdsourcing/tags/`

13) Anything that is remaining should be copies of what's previously in the archive and they can be removed.

NOTE: this must be done monthly. Otherwise only the latest version captured will be archived.