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New and updated MODS are now captured by the upload scripts, as copies of modified MODS are deposited in the faceting directory for processing, and from there are copied to the deposits directory. New MODS are copied to both places (the faceting script will overwrite the ones in deposits if it runs before archiving).

The archiving of MODS has been incorporated into the regular archiving script; see for Archiving for more information. The logic used for what is archived is below.

Up to two copies of each metadata file are archived, with .v1 or .v2 added prior to the .xml extension, to indicate if the file is the initial metadata file (version 1 == v1) or a newer, modified version (v2). There will also be an unversioned copy kept in the Metadata directory in the archive, which is a copy of the most recent version (for easy access). Thus, if the metadata file is modified more than once, the v2 file will be overwritten with each change. And every time the metadata is modified, the unversioned copy is updated as well.

The v1 and v2 files are linked into the manifest for LOCKSS; the unversioned copy is not.

Should we need to capture MODS from the entire archive again, the script to use would be: "getMODS" and resides in /srv/scripts/storing/MODS/ on libcontent.

When run, it explores the Acumen web directories in /srv/www/htdocs/content/ on the same server, below the collection level, looking for MODS files. When it finds one, it checks to see:

  1. Is there a MODS file for this thing in the archive? (/srv/archive/ area)
    1. If not:
      1. this one is copied over,
      2. versioned to version 1, and
      3. linked into the Manifest
    2. If so, does this MODS match that one?
      1. If so: no action is taken. This version is already in the archive
      2. If not, is there a version 2 already in the archive?
        1. If not:
          1. This one is copied over,
          2. versioned to version 2, and
          3. linked into the Manifest
        2. If so:
          1. The existing MODS is backed up
          2. This MODS is copied over
          3. This MODS is versioned to version 2, and
          4. NOT linked in (version 2 is already linked, because it exists)

Jlderidder (talk) 13:43, 24 March 2015 (CDT)