Archiving EADs

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The workflow that incorporates the archiving of EADs is described in for Archiving, and EADs describes the pickup, testing, linking in of digitized content, and dispersion into Acumen.

In September 2011 we changed our processes, per the [DigiPres] group decision (08/10/2011) to only store 2 versions of each kind of metadata in the archive.

To quote the minutes:

 We seem to have agreed to maintain an original and a current copy of each EAD and MODS file.  The originals will be whatever is   
 picked up at the time of the snapshot, if they don’t already exist in the archive.  Future snapshots at regular intervals (time 
 range unspecified) will check Acumen for more recent files.  If the Acumen copy is not the same as the original, and there is no 2nd 
 copy in the archive, it will be added as the “current” copy.  If there is a “current” copy in the archive, and the Acumen version 
 is different (and more recent?) the Acumen version will overwrite the “current” copy in the archive.  

I've incorporated this logic (September 2011) into the storage software for EADs.

For each EAD deposited for upload, the script follows this reasoning:

  1. Is there an EAD file for this collection in the archive? (/srv/archive/ area)
    1. If not:
      1. this one is copied over,
      2. versioned to version 1, and
      3. linked into the Manifest
    2. If so, does this EAD match that one?
      1. If so: no action is taken. This version is already in the archive
      2. If not, is there a version 2 already in the archive?
        1. If not:
          1. This one is copied over,
          2. versioned to version 2, and
          3. linked into the Manifest
        2. If so:
          1. The existing EAD is backed up
          2. This EAD is copied over
          3. This EAD is versioned to version 2, and
          4. NOT linked in (version 2 is already linked, because it exists)