Addressing Poor Performance

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Student performance should be reviewed periodically, apart from quality control of content created. Performance may suffer from any number of causes, including:

  1. personal, psychological, or physical problems;
  2. boredom;
  3. repeated distractions of any sort;
  4. software problems;
  5. inadequate training;
  6. difficult issues presented by the material to be digitized, or
  7. by the demands of the metadata entry.

It is the policy of the Digital Services department to recognize that students are valuable human beings worthy of respect and consideration. We must always take into account that they are here at the university primarily to obtain an education, and that education may create stresses that are very difficult for them. We must be always aware of the possibility that any student who is not performing well may need professional help. Counseling services are available on campus: [Counseling Center] and immediate assistance can be found online [ULifeline].

If the student is showing signs of distress (depression, agitation or acting out, disorientation, drug and alcohol abuse, suicidal thoughts, violence and aggression), seek help immediately from a faculty member, the UA Counseling Center (348-3863), the UA Student Health Center (348-6262) or the UA Police (348-5454: ask to speak with the supervisor on duty). Be aware of safety issues first and foremost, and avoid escalation of student distress. Stay calm, ask direct questions, and be respectful.

If the student is not in distress, then the following steps should be taken.

  1. Observe the process the student follows when digitizing; look for any potential problems which may be causing the poor performance.
    1. remove any problems found
    2. reeducate the student as needed
    3. raise the student's awareness of the issue of poor results, and the need for remediation
  2. If no problems were found, and the student is unable to improve speed of digitization, the following options are available:
    1. Accept that this student is incapable of improvement, or needs more time to improve, and adjust expectations
    2. train the student on higher-speed equipment and reassign there for at least some portion of the work hours
    3. assign to other forms of work, for example, quality control
    4. consult with the department head about reassignment, reducing hours or relieving student of the position

If at any time during this process a supervisor finds the student or him/herself upset, immediately halt the interaction and consult with the department head.