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ActivePerl is a closed source distribution from ActiveState that has regular releases that track the core Perl releases. The distribution also includes the Perl package manager (PPM), a popular tool for installing, removing, upgrading, and managing the use of common Perl modules.

Technical Information:

ActivePerl builds are available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

ActivePerl includes:

  • Perl, the binary core distribution
  • The Perl Package Manager (PPM), for installing Perl extension modules
  • Complete documentation

The Windows version of ActivePerl also includes:

  • PerlScript, an ActiveX scripting engine, like JavaScript or VBScript, with a Perl brain
  • Perl for ISAPI, an IIS plug-in that runs Perl CGI scripts faster
  • PerlEx , an IIS plug-in that precompiles and caches Perl CGI scripts
  • PerlEz, for embedding Perl the easy way


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