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Frequently Asked Questions About Electronic Reserve
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  1. How do I find an e-reserve.
  2. The article I printed is in a mirror image or is viewing upside down. What do I do?
    Please contact the appropriate library and supply the name of the instructor, course name and number, and the affected title.
  • Bruno Library-Donna Minor at 348-1084
  • Gorgas Library-Kaitlyn Parker at 348-7444
  • Education Library-Sharita Gilliam at 348-6055
  • Music Library-Rose Loucks at 348-7344
  • Rodgers Science & Engineering Library-Mary Ann Robbins at 348-2126
  1. The article will not come up on the screen. What do I do?
    We have found that the articles take a long time to download off campus. You need to have the most current Adobe Acrobat Reader (). You may find that it is easier to print the article while you are on campus. It is definitely quicker.
  2. Can I e-mail articles to myself?
    Yes, you may email the article to yourself by first saving the article to the My Documents folder on the computer. Then attaching the file to an email sent to yourself.