The University of Alabama
Project Narrative
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5. Personnel (individual curriculum vitae are included in Supplementary Materials)
Current staffing at the University of Alabama Hoole Special Collections Library
  • Curator
  • Public & Outreach Services Coordinator
  • Archival Access Coordinator
  • Institutional Records Analyst
  • Institutional Records Assistant
  • Temporary Reference Librarian (1/2 FTE)
  • Archival Technician
  • Library Assistant
  • Office Assistant
Existing staff who will be involved in the project - University of Alabama

Clark Center, curator of the W.S. Hoole Special Collections Library, will be the project director. Mr. Center has extensive qualifications and experience pertaining to archives and manuscript collections. Mr. Center will oversee the entire project and, among other duties, will visit Tuskegee on a semiannual basis to discuss progress.

Donnelly Lancaster, archival access coordinator, will supervise the work of the University of Alabama project archivist. Ms. Lancaster has considerable experience with archival processing, and by the time this project begins, she will have completed training in DACS (Describing Archives: a Content Standard) which has replaced Archives, Personal Papers, and Manuscripts as the content standard for catalog records. Ms. Lancaster has been heavily involved in the work of at least two federally-funded grants, and is responsible for the creation of finding aids for the Libraries.

Harriet Deason, Manager, Administrative and Fiscal Affairs for the Libraries, will be responsible for all financial transactions pertaining to the grant, including the agreements with Tuskegee University. Ms. Deason is the Libraries' financial contact with the University's Office of Sponsored Programs and administers all grant accounts for the Libraries.

Current staffing related to archives at Tuskegee Libraries and Archives:
  • Library Director
  • Head of Technical Services
  • Coordinator of Archives/Museums (federally funded)
  • Assistant to the Coordinator
  • Future position: (search in progress) - Archivist and Museum Curator
Existing staff who will be involved in the project - Tuskegee University Libraries

Deborah Haile, Head of Technical Services at Tuskegee University Libraries, will supervise the work of the Tuskegee project archivist. Ms. Haile is thoroughly familiar with the library collections at Tuskegee, and has experience working with special collections and archival materials.

Other staff and positions - Tuskegee University

Cynthia Wilson, Coordinator of Archives and Museums at Tuskegee, is not eligible to participate in this grant proposal because her position is currently funded through federal grants to Tuskegee University. Ms. Wilson has participated fully in discussions concerning this project and is thoroughly supportive and enthusiastic, as it will help her in her work with students and faculty who are interested in using the archives. Her vita is included in Supplementary Materials.

Archivist and Museum Curator. New position, not yet filled.

Staff to be hired through the grant

Two project archivists will be hired for the duration of the grant; one for each library. The archivists will be responsible for all of the work associated with arranging, processing, and describing the chosen collections. Under the supervision of the qualified permanent staff identified above, they will follow accepted procedures and standards, and in addition to working closely with their supervisors, they will prepare monthly progress reports, and will supervise the student assistants hired for the project. The archivist positions will be advertised immediately following the award of the grant, and the job search, interviews, and hiring processes will conform to the Commission's and the two libraries' requirements. The job description for these positions may be found in Supplementary Materials.