The University of Alabama
Project Narrative
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4. Products or publications produced during the grant period

The immediate products resulting from the project will be bibliographic records and finding aids for the processed collections. All information created during the project will be placed in the public domain, with the intention of reaching the widest audience possible. During the final months of the project, plans will be finalized on the production of informational brochures, displays, and publicity concerning the completed project and the collections. All publicity, press releases, and articles will conform to the requirements of the Commission, and will bear a statement acknowledging that the information has been made possible by a grant from NHPRC. Printed material and publicity will meet the current ANSI/NISO standards for printing and binding.

Throughout the project, the two universities will share information on their progress with their communities and their constituencies. A Web site for this purpose will be designed and mounted at the University of Alabama Libraries, with links from the Tuskegee University Libraries. The Web site containing the finding aids will be added to every appropriate electronic listing or compendium of library and archival internet sites.

Some of the participants will make presentations on the project at relevant meetings of professional organizations, such as the Society of Alabama Archivists, the Society of American Archivists, the Southeastern Library Association, the Historically Black Colleges and Universities Library Alliance, the Association of Research libraries, the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries, the Alabama Association of Research Libraries, the Alabama Library Association, the American Library Association, and others.

One or more scholarly articles are expected during or shortly after the project, on a variety of topics such as, the unique collaborative aspect of the project, the success of the prototype and future development of a statewide finding aid site, the need for further organization of historically significant archival collections, and others. The project director will contact the editor of Alabama Heritage to insure that an article is submitted and published soon after the project is complete. Participants in the project will be prepared to advise other libraries on replicating the collaborative model.