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Recently Cataloged Titles Via RSS
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The University Libraries have made available RSS feeds that contain links to the recently cataloged titles in the Libraries' collections. Approximately 325 different feeds are provided in different subject areas specific to the user's interest. Each feed will list up to ten items most recently added to the University Libraries' catalog in the relevant subject area. The subject area listings provided are based on the Library of Congress and National Library of Medicine classifications. Additionally the publications of the various U.S. government agencies are represented through the Superintendent of Documents classification. A complete listing of the RSS channels is available at:

These RSS feeds are designed specifically to be usable with the myBama campus portal system ( The library provides instructions for creating an RSS feed in myBama for newly cataloged titles at to make it easy to incorporate one of these feeds into a myBama channel on your home page.

These new RSS feeds will be especially appealing to UA faculty who want to track new materials in their own subject areas, and were designed to be compatible with the University's new myBama campus portal.

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” or “Rich Site Summary” or “RDF Site Summary”. It is a technology for distributing a list of update notices, headlines, and other time-sensitive lists of information easily. RSS feeds can be read by several types of computer programs and applications, including specific client applications, called RSS readers or aggregators, as well as some e-mail readers and many portal systems. For more information about RSS feeds, see What is RSS? (