The University of Alabama
Rodgers Library Computers and Technology

Rodgers Library has approximately 62 public desktop computers on the first floor.  Many desktops on the first floor have double monitors.  The second floor has 27 public desktop computers located near the west side of the building.   The desktops are a mix of PCs and Macs.  In addition, 10 laptops (PCs and Macs) are available for checkout at the Circulation/Reference Desk.

If you would rather use your own laptop, wireless connectivity is available throughout the building. Numerous power outlets are strategically located inside the library for connecting library-owned or personal electronic devices.

SciTech Software
In support of classroom activities and scientific research, Rodgers Library offers a variety of specialized software. In addition to the normal suite of library and productivity software, desktop computers are loaded with ArcGIS, AutoCAD, ChemBioDraw, MATLAB, Minitab, CHEMCAD, Microsoft Visual Studio, etc.

Check this link for a full list of software in Rodgers Library. This list also shows software available in other UA Libraries.Information on software licensed by UA is available from the Office of Information Technology.

3D Printing Studio
Rodgers Library for Science and Engineering has a 3D Printing Studio.  Equipment includes a Bits from Bytes (BFB) 3D Touch Printer, two CubePro 3D printers, a NextEngine 3D laser scanner, and a desktop computer.


Rodgers Library has a calculator for use by students:  one (1) TI-83 Plus.

  • The TI-83 Plus is a graphing calculator for math and science.

The calculator can be checked out for three days.

Charging Station

A free cell phone charging kiosk is located on the first floor.   Multiple devices can be charged at the same time.

Copy, Print & Scan
Printers and copiers are available in Rodgers Library. The machines operate with the use of an Action Card with Bama Cash or a Community User Card. Value can be added to cards using the “Value Adder” machine located in Scholars' Station. The cost of copies is $.05 for black and white.

The Copiers also have a free scan/email feature. Faculty can leave their departmental Copicard at the Circulation Desk in the Library and ask their department's research/teaching assistant to make copies for faculty.

Laser printing is available from public computers in Rodgers Library through the Pharos UnipriNT network system.  When printing is done, the Pharos UnipriNT system debits the user's Action Card (with Bama Cash) or Community User Card for the cost of a print job.  The charge for 8.5 x 11 prints is $.05 for black and white and $.15 for color.