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McLure Messenger NOV 2011
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November, 2011

Welcome to the McLure Messenger, an occasional publication of the McLure Education Library

Family Weekend Story Time
Millie Jackson Telling a Story
Library Associate Dean Millie jackson is also a professional  story teller.

Family Weekend Story Time was held on Friday, September 16th from 4:00 to 5:00 pm with snacks and a craft activity following.  Children came with parents, and other adults came to observe.  There were about twelve volunteers from the School of Library and Information Studies (SLIS) and the College of Education, who assisted with set up, greeting, snacks and craft activities, many thanks to them all. The theme of the Story Time was ’Weathering the Storms.’  This was in remembrance of the storms that came through Tuscaloosa on April 27, 2011, and a tribute to families that stick together in hard times.

For the first story, SLIS student Rachel Key shared the pop-up book of The Wizard of Oz, by L. Frank Baum. Associate Dean Millie Jackson told several stories:  Which One Do You Feed, It’s Not My Problem, and The Brave Little Parrot.  Miranda Webster, a student from SLIS, read The Legend of Pecos Bill for a humorous look at tornadoes.  Dorothy Smith, a SLIS student, read Tornadoes by Seymour Simon in order to give the children some factual information. Helga Visscher finished the story time with the chapter, Prairie Fire, from Little House on the Prairie, by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

            Other volunteers included Liz Walston and Robert Burgess from SLIS, who helped organize the event.  Other  students from the College of Education and SLIS who helped with logistical tasks which included Abby Alexander, Emily Bender, Dana Blackburn, Ashlyn Cornelius, Sara Beth Davis, Laura Rowley, Arjun Sanyal, Misty Stewart, Abby Parsons, and Amy Yonts.   A surprise volunteer came at the last minute – Miss Trussville, Chandler Champion, a UA undergraduate whose platform in the Miss Alabama pageant system is promoting literacy and supporting libraries.  “Chandler’s Challenge” … is to read every day!  She assisted as a greeter. Youngsters and the not so young enjoyed having pictures taken with her. The children and student assistants all enjoyed making their own tornado pop-up books.   Snacks and juice made for a relaxing family atmosphere during McLure Library’s contribution to UA’s Family weekend.
Family Storytime Volunteers

McLure Education Blog / Social Media

As the world becomes more digital it is important that libraries implement new media into their library.  One way that many libraries are using technology is through blogs.  Many librarians maintain personal blogs in order to inform others of their triumphs and struggles working in libraries. Several libraries use blogs to communicate information about events.  Libraries also use blogs to review books that are in their collection.  Blogging not only communicates information to patrons, but it also personalizes the library for them.  Within the past year, McLure Education Library has created a blog. .  On that blog patrons will find professional, YA books, and sports books reviewed by library staff.  Information has also been given about the reference project and building plans. McLure is very excited about the blog and seeks to find more ways to implement it in the library.

Libraries wide, there is a social media web page at Click on the links for Facebook and  Twitter news as well as the blogs for campus libraries.

Reference Project 

Selected Reference Books

Reference collections in libraries need to periodically evaluate their reference collections.  The collection should contain the most recent information on topics that scholars have an interest in studying.   This semester library staff found outdated and redundant information when they evaluated our reference collection. Librarians found that we had titles in our reference collection that have a better place in the book stacks. There were a few titles that we decided to withdraw from our collection. McLure Library removed nearly two hundred titles from the reference collection.
This will help reference librarians and users easily access information.  Also, this space allows for McLure Library to bring the microfiche reader from the basement to the main floor in order to allow for more computers to be put into the basement.   Faculty and staff at McLure Library hope that since the reference collection has decreased its titles, information will be more easily accessible to both reference librarians and patrons.  Newer titles will be placed into the collection so that the most current information is available to our users. This project will help improve the service of our library. The recent blog post highlights some recently moved reference books.

McLure GTAs
Liz Walston & Robert Burgess

Every semester McLure Education Library receives two graduate teaching assistants. This year’s GTAs are Elizabeth Walston and Robert Burgess. Elizabeth is from Birmingham, Alabama. She graduated from the University of Alabama with a double major in English and History. Currently Elizabeth is pursuing a master’s in library science at the University of Alabama. When she graduates, Elizabeth wants be a children’s or YA librarian in a public library. Elizabeth is the GTA for Benita Strand, Curriculum Materials and School librarian.  Elizabeth has been helping processing and purchasing books for the School Library.  Robert is from Hoover, Alabama. He graduated in 2010 from The University of Alabama with a double major in Social Science Secondary Education and History.  Robert is also currently working on his master’s in library and information science.  It is his hope to work in a public library after his graduation in May 2012. Helga Visscher, head of McLure Education Library, is Robert’s supervisor.  This semester he helped plan Family Weekend Story Time, reviewed sports books for the McLure Library Blog, and assisted in weeding the reference collection.

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