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Changes in McLure Education Library:

Helga Visscher will have orthopedic surgery next week.   She will not return to work after Spring Break, and will be busy with rehab activities for about two months.  Retirement details will be forthcoming, after her rehabilitation progress is evaluated.
Faculty and students who use the Education Library should be aware of who to contact:

Jim Blansett will still handle Ask-a-Librarian.  All reference questions should go to him;  He will also be the person to contact in order to approve Room Requests, and schedule library instruction classes.  For convenience, there is also an online form available to request classes: .  He will be the contact person for the areas of Kinesiology, Music Education and Special Education for suggesting new materials and providing Subject Guides/ Lib Guides.

Karen Croneis manages Collection Development for the Education Library.  Specific requests to order library materials will go to her: .  If a College of Education professor is an author of a book, make sure that the library knows about it so it can be ordered.   The Faculty Books webpage can also be updated by faculty:  .   She will also be available for library instruction classes as needed. She is the liaison for Educational Studies in Psychology, Research Methodology and Counseling, for providing Subject guides / Lib guides, as well as recommending new resources.

Benita Strnad,  continues as the Curriculum Materials Librarian.  She is also on the library-wide Electronic Resources Committee, which evaluates the purchase of databases and other electronic resources for the library.   She continues teaching library classes for the Methods and C & I courses.  She is the subject liaison for Curriculum & Instruction areas, and Educational Leadership, Policy & Technology Studies.

Wendy Arrasmith, , Library Associate and supervisor of student employees, is the one to contact for other details. She processes interlibrary loan requests, on ILIAD,, which must be filled out online by the requestor. Reserve Materials,   are also handled by her. Faculty and GTA’s must also fill out the form before making a request. 

FACULTY:  While you are thinking of us, please let the Education Library know what items you want to place on reserve for the Fall 2013 term. Both books and online resources can be put on reserve; just use the forms from the UA webpage:

Praxis Tests at McLure Education Library:

It is the time of year when students start thinking about all the professional qualifying tests that they have to take in order to get certified.  Among those tests are the Praxis Tests.  In order to facilitate the taking of these tests and prepare students for the electronic environment in which they will be taking the tests McLure Library is moving towards a more digital environment.  Among the resources that are now available in a digitized format are the Praxis Tests.
Instead of using the older outdated copies McLure has made available, to currently registered students, digitized versions of the Praxis tests through the Learning Express Library database.  Learning Express Library can be accessed through the libraries Database pages.  Students will have to sign up and create an account.  Once that is done, they can return to the resource as often as they like.  If students have questions about how to access this database they should call McLure Library at 348-6055.  They can also use the Ask-A-Librarian button, on the left hand column of the UA libraries home page.  Librarians who monitor this service will be glad to assist students in using the Praxis practice tests.
McLure will still have the older paper copies of the tests available on Reserve which may be checked out for a limited amount of time.  However, the copyright dates on these tests are 2005.  It would be advisable to point students to the up-to-date Learning Express Library resources rather than these older versions. 

EDUCATION  FACULTY:  Plan for a Library instruction session for your class,  AND a Lib Guide  / Subject Guide to accompany your class.  These can be posted on the  Blackboard Learn  course site.
Examples include: KIN 506 ; SPE 617 ; CEE 370 . Talk to your colleagues for user satisfaction. 

Study Groups are Welcome at McLure Education Library, especially when they study:

The Education Library has two small group-study rooms upstairs in the Study Hall - Room 36 - on the top floor of the McLure building.  These smaller rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Whiteboards are available in both rooms: a large board in the large room, and a smaller board in the other.  Students may check out markers from the front desk for use with the whiteboards.  Some students have reserved the study rooms for course related study groups.   Recently, a group from the AHE 521 class met as a group.  Dr. Stefanie Livers recently brought her Mathematics Education classes to Room 33 to use our Computer Lab.  The main floor of McLure Library is also full of hard working students.  One sorority reported to Helga Visscher that their students were encouraged to study in the McLure Library because of the positive atmosphere there.  Way to go, Alpha Phi!    The women come in, work hard, and do not disturb others.

The Curriculum Materials area, located in the basement, is used daily by students from the Methods Block.  Benita Strnad reports that they come in between their block periods to work together on projects.  It is not a quiet place, but a lot gets done.  Students look for materials to support their lesson plans and coursework, share ideas with each other, and get helpful advice from the CMC Librarian.

The Education Library is pleased to play a role in the student learning experience in the College of Education and the University in general.

Spring Break Library Schedule
All libraries will be closed on Saturday & Sunday Mar.23 & 24; open weekdays, Mar.25 - 29 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.  For more details see the Library Schedule Spring Break on the Libraries' web site.
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Contacts: Helga Visscher, Head Librarian

Jim Blansett, Information Services Librarian, Ask a Librarian,

Karen Croneis, Information Services Libraraian

Benita Strnad, CMC Librarian,

Wendy Arrasmith, Library Associate,