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ERIC Microfiche
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ERIC Microfiche
McLure Education Library has the complete collection of ERIC Documents on microfiche from 1966 through 2003. These are located in the filing cabinets against the windows on the basement floor of McLure. Microfiche reader printers are adjacent to the collection. UA ACTion Cards and Community User Cards can be used to make paper copies of each page. Cost is 10¢ per page.

Most ED documents indexed in ERIC are on microfiche, although there are a few that are not available because of copyright. The ERIC index will indicate on the citation record “This document not available from EDRS.” Check the Libraries’ catalog to see if these items are available in book form.

In addition to the documents on microfiche, the online ERIC database indexes citation information and often digitized full text versions of thousands of articles. All ERIC documents acquired since 2003 are found only in the online database. Faculty, staff, and students with a valid Bama ID and password may access the database from the Libraries’ website on or off-campus. Community users may use the public access terminals on the main floor.