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Selected TAHP Databases
Accessible Archives,  1728-1870 
The primary source materials for Accessible Archives are from 18th and 19th century periodicals. Databases include: Godey's Lady's Book; The Pennsylvania Gazette 1728-1800; The Civil War: A Newspaper Perspective; African American Newspapers: the 19th century; etc.
African American History & Culture Online (AVL) 
Ranging from pre-colonial to the present African American History and Culture, a Facts on File database, is a multimedia collection covering all aspects of the African-American experience. The biographies, historical documents, photographs, timelines, maps, quotations, and bibliographies included in this collection range from the colonization of the Americas and the Atlantic Slave Trade of the fifteenth century to the racial issues of contemporary America. Also included are numerous web-links and a reconstruction of W.E.B. Dubois's display at the 1900 World's Fair in Paris.
America: History and Life,  1964-current 
America: History and Life provides historical coverage of the United States, and Canada, from prehistory to the present. Included is information abstracted from over 2,000 journals published worldwide.
American Civil War: Letters and Diaries,  Circa 1860's 
The American Civil War: Letters and Diaries knits together more than 400 sources of diaries, letters, and memoirs, to provide fast access to thousands of views on almost every aspect of the war. The extraordinary electronic collection includes 100,000 pages of re-keyed and indexed text, including 4,000 facsimile pages of previously unpublished manuscript material. Scholars can read close to 200 intimate letters written by Amos Wood, his wife Clara, and their three-year-old son, Freddie, illustrating what life was like for a Massachusetts family separated by the war. Users can see and compare, for the first time, the writings of politicians, generals, slaves, landowners, seamen, and spies. The letters and diaries are by the famous and the unknown, giving both the Northern and the Southern perspectives, along with that of foreign observers.
American Memory 
A gateway to primary source materials relating to the history and culture of the United States, American Memory offers more than 7 million digital items from more than 100 historical collections.
American National Biography
From missionaries to musicians, social workers to statisticians, cowboys to chemists, and vikings to astronauts, the portraits in American National Biography Online combine to reflect the rich diversity of American life from pre-colonial times onwards.
American Periodical Series Online,  1740-1800
American Periodical Series Online, a unique and valuable collection of over 1000 titles, includes digitized images of the pages of American magazines and journals published from colonial days to the dawn of the 20th century. Titles range from Benjamin Franklin's General Magazine and America's first scientific journal, Medical Repository; popular magazines such as Vanity Fair and Ladies Home Journal; regional and niche publications; and groundbreaking journals like The Dial, Puck, and McClure's.
Annals of American History Online (AVL),  1493-current
Annals of American History Online includes the full text of speeches, essays, historical accounts, memoirs, poems, editorials, biographies, images, and multi-media.
Black Studies Center,   1909-current
Black Studies Center is a fully cross-searchable gateway to Black Studies including scholarly essays, recent periodicals, historical newspaper articles, and much more.
CenStats Databases,  current
Consisting of a collection of statistical resources from the Census Bureau, CenStats Databases include: census tract street locator, international trade data, building permits, zip code business patterns, financial data for state and local schools and governments, USA counties, occupation data by race, Hispanic origin, and sex, annual survey of manufactures, etc.
Children's Literature Comprehensive,  1993-present
Children's Literature Comprehensive provides comprehensive coverage of children's books, reviews, awards and teaching materials. This database resource has reviewed 3,000 books annually, covering 24 sources, since 1993.
Congressional Serial Set,  1789-1969
The U.S. Serial Set includes Congressional reports and documents as well as executive agency and departmental reports ordered to be printed by Congress. The Serial Set captures American life from the late 19thcentury onward from westward expansion, scientific exploration, politics, international relations, business and manufacturing.
Documenting the American South
Documenting the American South serves as a collection of sources on Southern history, literature and culture from the colonial period through the first decades of the 20th century.
Evans Digital Edition,  1639-1800
Based on the renowned American bibliography by Charles Evans and enhanced by Roger Bristol's Supplement to Evans' American bibliography, Evans Digital Edition serves as the foundation for research on every aspect of 17th and 18th century American life.
Making of America,  1850-1877
Making of America (MOA) is a digital library of primary sources in American social history from the antebellum period through reconstruction. The collection is particularly strong in the subject areas of education, psychology, American history, sociology, religion, and science and technology. The collection currently contains approximately 8,500 books, 267 monograph volumes and over 100,000 journal articles with 19th century imprints.
North American Women's Letters and Diaries,  colonial-1950
North American Women's Letters and Diaries will be the largest collection of women's diaries and correspondence ever assembled. Spanning more than 300 years, it will bring the personal experiences of 1,500 women to researchers, students, and general readers.
SIRS Discoverer on the Web (AVL)
An interactive tool that strengthens research, reading, writing and computer skills, SIRS Discoverer includes middle and elementary school curriculum topics and three reading levels — easy, moderate, and challenging — which can be integrated into classroom activities. Discoverer also contains Funk and Wagnall's New Encyclopedia, Merriam Webster's Dictionary and Thesaurus, and a world almanac for kids. This resource also has teacher's guides.
Student Research Center (AVL)
A general reference database which contains thousands of full-text articles, Student Resource Center explores social, scientific, health, historic, economic, business, political, and global issues, as well as current events. Entries are selected from Magazines, Newspapers, Biographies, Country Reports, Film & Video. This resource also has teacher's resources.
Access Newspaper Archive,  1759-1977
Access Newspaper Archive contains tens of millions of searchable newspaper pages, dating as far back as the 1700s. It is your gateway to searching and reading historical newspapers, the world's largest archive of online newspapers, is providing this valuable research tool. Use the archive to view, save and print full-page newspapers from around the world.
America's Historical Newspapers,  1690-1876
Digitized versions of Early American Newspapers from The American Antiquarian Society, private collections and The Library of Congress, Brown, Harvard, et al. Based on the microfilm collection of the same name.
Ethnic NewsWatch (AVL),  1985-present
Ethnic NewsWatch is a full-text database of newspapers, magazines, and journals of the ethnic, minority, and native press. Included is coverage of issues in Ireland, Israel and the Middle East, Mexico, Bosnia, Armenia, China, Nigeria, and the Ukraine, among other countries. This collection or articles, editorials, columns, reviews, etc. attempts to provide alternative viewpoints on current issues. Updated monthly, Ethnic NewsWatch consists of full-text articles from nearly 200 publications, with over 125,000 articles in Spanish.
ProQuest Historical Newspapers
ProQuest Historical Newspapers offers full-text and full-image articles for newspapers dating back to the 19th century. For most titles, the collection includes digital reproductions of every page from every issue — cover to cover — in downloadable PDF files. Current access includes: 1851-2001 for The New York Times; 1889-1987 for The Wall Street Journal; 1877-1988 for The Washington Post; and 1908-1991 for The Christian Science Monitor.
ProQuest Newspapers,  1990's-current
ProQuest Newspapers provides full text of many U.S. and international news sources. Included are the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Times of London, plus other newspapers and news wires.
LEXIS NEXIS Congressional,  1789-1969
The U.S. Serial Set includes Congressional reports and documents as well as executive agency and departmental reports ordered to be printed by Congress. The Serial Set captures American life from the late 19thcentury onward from westward expansion, scientific exploration, politics, international relations, business and manufacturing.

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