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W.S. Hoole Library, Reading Room
The Kate Ragsdale Memorial Miniature Book Collection

Amy Chen
June-September 2014
The Kate Ragsdale Memorial Miniature Book Collection contains ninety-six books from eleven countries, including Austria, France, Great Britain, Israel, the Soviet Union, and the United States. The Bible in miniature: or a Concise History of the Old & New Testaments [sic], published in 1780, is the oldest book in the collection. A wide variety of American presses are represented. Additionally, a series of miniature editions of Shakespeare’s plays can be found. The Memorial Miniature Book Collection was created to recognize Kate Ragsdale’s life and career following her death in 2013. Ragsdale earned a BA from Sweet Briar College and a MLS from The University of Alabama. She began her career as a Program Coordinator in the College of Business and Commerce before joining the Libraries administration team as a planning officer in 1987. Ragsdale managed construction and renovation projects, including the building of Mary Harmon Bryant Hall and the Library Annex, during her over twenty years of service at the Capstone. Ragsdale frequently served as an officer in organizations such as the Alabama Library Association, the Special Libraries Association, and the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL). In 2004, she received the UA Library Leadership Award for faculty. In 2012, she won the UA School of Library and Information Studies Alumni Award.

Amelia Gayle Gorgas Library, Pearce Lobby
Princesses and Paupers: The Golden Age of Children's Literature

Ellie Campbell
June-September 2014
 In the seventeenth and eighteenth century, European culture, influenced by the writings of John Locke, came to regard children's minds as a tabula rasa, a blank slate which could be molded with proper instruction. Publishers began to create a new genre: literature intended to educate young minds about the adult world. By the beginning of the nineteenth century in Europe and North America, laws began to prevent child labor and enforce compulsory education, measures which increased literacy rates in the general population. In response, the children's publishing industry expanded to meet this growing demand just as new developments in printing technology also made books cheaper to purchase, leading to what is now known as the Golden Age of Children's Literature during the latter half of the nineteenth century.

W.S. Hoole Library, Lobby
William Bradford Huie

Jessica Lacher-Feldman
May-September 2014
This exhibition on the life and work of William Bradford Huie is in honor of Huie and his wife, Martha Hunt Robertson. Martha Huie, who helped bring Huie's collection to UA, died on May 6, 2014. We wish to honor her legacy. William Bradford Huie was an American journalist, editor, publishers, television interviewer, screenwriter, lecturer, and novelist; a man with many facets and many talents. Born in Hartselle, Alabama on November 13, 1910, Huie was an Eagle Scout and attended Morgan County High School in Hartselle. He came to The University of Alabama in the fall of 1927, and graduated Phi Beta Kappa in 1930, making him the youngest Phi Beta Kappa initiate the university had ever had to date. He started out as a pre-Med but sold his first story when he was still a student. He then went directly to work for a Birmingham newspaper, launching a career as a writer and journalist that spanned five decades.

Mary Harmon Bryant Hall, Lobby and Capstone Village
Covering Summer: Publishers' Bindings at The University of Alabama

Amy Chen
June-September 2014
Our Publishers' Bindings seasonal covers series continues with Covering Summer. All items from this exhibition belong to the Division of Special Collections at The University of Alabama. Additionally, each of these items is represented in the database Publishers' Bindings Online (PBO) at PBO foregrounds how decorative bindings provide a look into culture and history of the era of 1815-1930, a time of social, political, and industrial change within the United States, by giving users the ability to view around 5,000 different bindings from the holdings of the W.S. Hoole Library at The University of Alabama and Special Collections at The University of Wisconsin.