Valentine J. Oldshue

u0003_0001072_0000071 While in France, Valentine Oldshue was affiliated with an American hospital, but he also worked for the Red Cross and was a correspondent for the American Legion. Since he was a writer by trade, his collection is an especially good resource about the period. For example, if you want to learn about the ambulance service he worked for, read his pamphelet What American Ambulances are Doing in Paris. Looking over the collection, you can also get a sense for how militarized the area had become, even though it was dozens of miles from the front. Moving around the country required so many identification papers, passports, and other passes. Some relate specifically to his role as a journalist. (Click on the thumbnails below to see full images.) But the bulk of the collection is postcards Oldshue sent from Europe to Catherine Wilson. Some have illustrations on the back, but a good many feature photography, either normal tourist scenes or scenes from wartime France. wwi-vjo


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