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The Wade Hall and Gregg Swem American Quilt Collection: Quilt Collection Guide and List
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The Wade Hall and Gregg Swem American Quilt Collection: Quilt Collection Guide
ID# 90-130-111 | G7

Flower Basket, green dominant color with beige, on cream background. With outline quilting, etc. and colorful print on the bottom. From Salem, Indiana.
ID# 90-85-237 | D7
Around the World. Pastel Squares on white background. Orange center with square quilting. From Indianapolis.
ID# 90-168-299 | H4         
Six- printed Stars and Hexagons. Multi-colored stars with hexagon centers. White hexagons between stars, Diamond quilting. Pink binding. Made by Martha Simpson, Salem, Indiana.
ID# 90-125-190 | I1         
Eight-pointed Stars and Hexagons of multi-colored prints and purple squares, diamonds and border. With shell quilting. Purple print bottom. Made in Osseo, Wis. circa 1930.
ID# 90-169-106 | C3        
Four-pointed Star in reds and blacks predominantly with red diamond background. Diamond and concentric quilting. From Louisville, Ky.
ID# 90-165-515 | C13         
Pin- Wheel, gold dominant color with multi-colored print diamonds on white background, with white border and gold sawtooth edging. With rope, diamond and outline quilting. From Indiana.
ID# 90-100-400 | C8         
Wedding Ring and Nine Patch, Red dominant color with principally blue and white squares in nine patch design with each ring. Scalloped edge. With outline quilting. Made by the family of Mrs. Finley Stokley of Winchester, KY.
ID# 90-110-486 | B5         
Diamond Quilt. With pink frames. Multi-color print squares forming four corner, triangles, diamond center and border. Predominantly reds, blues and greens in squares. With rope and outline quilting. From Cincinnati area.
ID# 90-106-239 | H9         
Pickle Dish design. With multicolor hexagons in the dish design and orange hexagons as the background.  Orange borders at  two ends with outline quilting. Initialed “N.W.” on the back. From Berea, KY.
ID# 90-95-452 | D4          
Alternating red squares and flowers on white background with diamond and shell quilting. Faded colors in white squares with white frame and red border. Clark County, Winchester, KY. From the family of Minerva Eubank Roges Eades / Lule Hester Fox Aldridge.
ID# 91-178-304 | C2         
Pinwheel design, Red and green print against white background. With flower crisscross rope and diamond quilting. Made by the Moore family of Corydon, Indiana and Kentucky. (This family owned the cleaners in Corydon, Indiana).
ID# 91-178-306 | I6         
Flowers in Square Frames (Peonies, Roses or Rose of Sharon). Yellow, green and red appliquéd flowers against white background. Yellow frames and yellow, brown, red stripes at two ends. Leaf and circle quilting, rope and diagonal quilting,  and outline quilting. Made by Moore family of Corydon, Indiana and KY.  (This family owned the cleaners in Corydon, Indiana).
ID# 90-140-536         

Star of Bethlehem with star borders at two ends. Multi-colored diamond prints against white background with running shell quilting. Pink bottom. Made 1898 in Oregon by Eva Farris’ (of Murray, KY) grandmother.
ID# 90-131-282 | C6         
Pinwheel composed of multi-colored prints (reds dominate) against white background with diamond quilting. From Scottsburg, Indiana.
ID# 90-138-215 | F8          
Octagonal Dresden Plate on French blue background. With four-pointed blue stars between the plates, outline quilting. From Louisville.
ID# 90-45-318 | B9           
Eight-Pointed Star Comforter. Browns predominant colors with beige print frames. Black vine print bottom. From Indianapolis. With gold tacking.
ID# 90-105-481         
Tulip design. Red and yellow appliquéd tulips with cream stems on white background. Red binding. With floral, square and outline quilting. From Indianapolis.
ID# 90-85-316 | C10           
Six-pointed star and hexagon design. Salmon colored stars with brown hexagonal centers alternate with larger white hexagons. With salmon and brown border. Diamond and concentric quilting. From Indianapolis.
ID# 90-150-369 | E5         
Double Irish Chain. Pinks, beiges and blues dominate, with beige squares between the chains. With diamond and straight-line quilting. Made in Columbia KY.
ID# 91-168-418  | I4       
Basket of Flowers with red, green and yellow flowers on white ground. Includes leaf and white blossom motif on borders.  Outline embroidery around flowers and foliage. With diamond, feather and parallel quilting. From Brown County, Indiana estate, ca. 1860.
ID# 90-121-514 | B2         
Barn Raising design, with browns, blacks, reds and greens. Tacked in brown yarn. Brown border and bottom added later. From Louisville estate, “Made by Mary B. Mills,” sewn in corner.
ID# 90-159-661         
Drunkard’s Path. Green design on yellow-orange ground. Square and parallel quilting. From Louisville estate. (Parallel quilting features dark green stitches to match the green drunkard’s path.)
ID# 90-90-829 | I7          
Wagon Wheel. Reds dominant color. With yellow embroidery around wheels and hubs. On dark background squares. No bottom. From Louisville, KY.
ID# 90-200-80 | F6           
Crazy Quilt. Top mainly velvet with some silk and other fabrics. Elaborate embroidery; many different stitches. Bottom crazy quilt pattern, in printed cottons tacked. Sewn into bottom. “Jenny Giles, Route 2, Sanders, KY” and “Mrs. Catherine See, Sanders, KY, Route One.” From Carroll County, KY.
ID# 90-78-240 | B8           
Star Pattern alternating with solid green squares. Blacks, browns and greens predominantly. Gingham bottom. With diagonal quilting. 1890s. Made by Amish family in Huntington, Indiana, area.
ID# 90-79-215 | C12           
Diamond checkerboard design. Diamonds with crazy quilt design, multi-colored prints alternating with solid yellow diamonds. Parallel quilting. From Owensboro, KY.
ID# 91-150-171 | F7         
Trip Around the World. Orange, green and black dominate. Center of concentric diamonds, with green and yellow calico border framed by orange print material. Outer border of same green and yellow calico with running shell quilting. Purple bottom. From New Albany, Indiana area, ca. 1940.
ID# 90-185-216 | E12         
Cross design. Alternating squares of red crosses with saw tooth borders and solid calico. Red and black. With diamond quilting. From Bardstown, KY area estate, possibly Anderson family. Red calico triangles border on two ends.
ID# 90-115-215 | G1         
Crazy Quilt. With diamond embroidered stitches and makers mark: “Made by L.R.M. Neward, Ohio, 1937-8” Striped flannel bottom with tacking.
ID# 91-357-199 | K11         
Crazy Quilt.  With elaborate outline embroidery and lots of embroidered motifs, including  snake, owl, men, bouquets, vase, butterfly,  dog, bird, stars, cross, eagle and Liberty Bell, rooster, horse, swan, leaves, moon and stars, scissors, fish, hearts. Embroidered in center: “1902 Mollie Doe.” Owned by Spencer family of New Washington, Ind; they bought quilt at church raffle in the area. Burgundy bottom.
ID# 91-89-233 | E11           
Hexagonal tack quilt. With hundreds of different Victorian prints. Gingham bottom. From Madison, Ind. Signed “Violet” on back corner.
ID# 90-150-481 | G9         
Postage Stamp Squares. Green, yellow, red, orange, lavender and blue diamond squares make up larger squares. With red, yellow and green stripe border at two ends. With diamond and concentric square quilting. Made by Emma Stevens, Farmington, KY. (Jackson Purchase area), ca, 1940.
ID# 91-100-445 | G4         
Wine-Patch. Multi-colored prints with green, black, pink and lavender dividers and blue and red floral columns. Diagonal quilting. From Jasper, Indiana.
ID# 91-45-620 | D6           
Squares, bold reds, blues for frames and intersection of frames. Large squares of solid and multi-color prints with running shell quilting. From New Albany, Indiana area. (Small format)
ID# 90-185-819 | F2         
Greek Cross. In blue and orange prints on white ground. Blue border. With outline and square quilting. Owensboro, KY.
ID# 91-109-148 | B6         
Diamonds in Squares (?) Design. Multi-colored prints with orange and yellow floral frames and pink floral squares at intersection of frames. With Birds- in- the-Air border. Outline and parallel quilting. From Louisville, KY.
ID# 91-132-781 | H13         
Double Irish Chain. Green and printed pink diamonds against white ground. Pink- white- pink striped border. Diagonal quilting. From Louisville.
ID# 91-300-480 | A1         
Courthouse Steps/Log Cabin design. Rich silks and satins in solids and prints with various floral centers. Purple silk border and black satin binding with purple satin bottom. From Jefferson County, KY estate.
ID# 91-200-170 | G3         
Crazy Quilt. With elaborate and varied stitching and embroidery. Decorative motifs include fans, flowers, cat, horse, chicken, children, pitcher, boot, spider’s web, moon and stars, sun, fruit and “Liberty.”Is initialed in a couple of places. From Evansville, Indiana.
ID# 91-185-503 | D5         
Flying Geese pattern. Red design against white background with red frame and white border. With outline, parallel, feather and heart-shaped stitching. From New York State.
ID# 91-106-675 | B3         
Crazy Quilt. Reds, blacks, and greens predominate with outline embroidery. Red bottom with red tacking. Features hat label: “Churchill Downs designed for Levy Bros. Louisville, KY.”
ID# 91-100-261 | L9         
Double Wedding Ring. In pastels of blue and pink prints and white, against a soft calico background. With running shell quilting. From Jeffersonville, Ind.
ID# 91-148-144 | E10         
Elephant Cover. Crewel embroidery on blue cotton background. Multi-colored threads (silk?) making various floral patterns. Reds, gold and greens predominate. With silk bottom. From India, ca, mid-19th century.
ID# 91-270-189 | C1         
Lavender and White Checkerboard Quilt. With wide white border and lavender binding. Elaborate quilting including feather-stitch circle designs and tulips. Border contains feather-stitch chains, shell and parallel quilting. From estate of George Armstrong, former president(?), of Louisville Gas and Electric.
ID# 91-125-487 | F1         
Ocean Waves. Multi-colored prints and solid white triangular waves against a pink calico-pattern. With outline and diamond quilting. Made in Bristow, Indiana.
ID# 91-200-166 | H7         
Robbing Peter to Pay Paul/Drunkard’s Path. Red and white design with outline parallel and heart-shaped quilting. Red border. From Eastern United States. (East Coast)
ID# 91-90-481 | I9           
Art deco diamond design. With solids and prints of the period. Strong maroon in center. Scalloped border. Lavender bottom. With square quilting.
ID# 91-95-300           
Seven Sisters Quilt. 7 stars within a hexagon. Olive and red. With diamond and outline quilting. Red bottom. From Indiana.
ID# 91-125-100 | C14         
Seven Sisters Quilt. Multi-color print stars (7) in hexagons against green background. With parallel and outline quilting. From Daviess County, KY.
ID# 91-525-111 | E1         
Robbing Peter to Pay Paul design in rust and green calico. Brown bottom, Chevron, square and parallel quilting. From Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, ca, 1840-1860.  Pennsylvania Dutch territory.
ID# 91-65-518 | E6           
Nine Patch in browns, purples and charcoals. Border on three sides and bottom composed of a black and white gingham pattern. With running shell quilting. From Northern Alabama.
ID# 91-147-180 | I3         
Six-pointed or Columbia Star. In multi-color solids and prints against green background. Beige paisley bottom. Blue and maroon floral binding. With outline quilting. From Harrodsburg, KY.
ID# 91-159-113 | C9         
Green and brown checkerboard quilt with alternating squares of green challis and brown floral prints (cotton). With green challis border on two sides with brown calico bottom. Herringbone quilting. From Hanover, Maine in the White Mountains area.
ID# 91-131-303 | E3         
Maple Leaf quilt with solids and prints set against white background. Wreath, diamond and outline quilting. From Chelsea, Jefferson County, Indiana area.
ID# 91-214-51           
Star of Bethlehem in yellow, orange, blue, and brown solids, red gingham and yellow calico. With large floral appliqués against a beige background, in each corner; and smaller floral appliqués set against red gingham triangles, in the middle of each side. Framed in blue, yellow calico and brown layers. With red calico bottom. With outline herringbone and concentric quilting. From estate of elderly man (in his 90s) who died ca. 1991, of San Jose, Ill (Peoria area).
ID# 91-204-682 | H6         
Windmill Blades or Pineapple design. Blue, orange and white calico blades against white background. With saw tooth frame, blue outer frame and saw tooth border.  With running diamond, sawtooth, concentric diamond and other quilting patterns. From family of Reba Padgett, Mt. Carmel, Ill.
ID# 91-48-10              
Nine- patch Comforter/Quilt with brown, beige and green squares against a black background. Diagonal quilting and diamond quilting. Red and brown print backing. From Knott family, Carlisle, Ind.
ID# 91-275-341         
Tree of Life. Trees of green triangular leaves and orange and blue trunks set against pink background. These squares alternate with solid blue squares. Purple and charcoal plaid bottom. With diagonal quilting. From Norris family, Burksville, Kentucky area.
ID# 91-300-80 | D3           
Harvest Sun or Prairie Star. Eight-pointed stars within eight-pointed stars, mainly in browns set against white background made of squares, diamonds, rectangles and triangles. With wide brown-striped border. With fan or running shell quilting. From Ohio.
ID# 91-285-499         
Crazy Quilt with a great variety of outline stitches and human, animal and plant motifs embroidered in patches (silk, satin, etc. Off-white border, also stitched (embroidered). Beige backing initialed “PES” in one corner. Origin unknown (purchased in Indianapolis).
ID# 91-75-885 | F4           
Crazy Quilt in blacks, wines, and beiges. Lots of interesting Victorian colors, prints and textures. With embroidered flowers, branches, hearts, etc. and outline embroidery. With black border at two ends and brown border on sides. Bottom is beige gingham fabric. Purchased in Montgomery , Ala.
ID# 91-189-150 | B7         
Windmill/Pineapple design with yellow print blade against white/cream background. Outline and diamond quilting. From Louisville family, made by a member of this family.
ID# 91-265-400         
Log Cabin Quilt, Light and Dark design, 100 blocks each with center brown and red print square surrounded on two sides by red bars, on the other two by white bars. Very thin bars or strips or logs. Three-strip white border. Made in Kentucky. Purchased in Versailles, KY.
ID# 91-185-42 | I16           
Wild Goose Chase pattern. With pink calico squares divided by t’s or crosses composed of wine print triangles or “geese.” Pink calico frame and white border. White squares inside frame feature leather and diamond quilting. Large frame, white triangles also feature diamond quilting. Diagonal quilting on the frame and border. Parallel quilting elsewhere. From Indiana, probably Richmond, Ind. area.
ID# 91-228-40 | G2           
Postage Stamp pattern. Postage blocks divided by red and orange stripe grid with same stripe on border. Shell or fan quilting. Pale green and pink print back. Purchased in Nashville-Franklin, Tenn; quilt probably from that area.
ID# 91-165-983 | D9         
Fan Quilt. With multi-color prints in fan design. Pink and green dominate-set on yellow squares against white background. With yellow frame stripes lengthwise and white border lengthwise. Yellow binding with fan, flower and outline quilting. Made in Daviess County, Ky.
ID# 91-85-130           
Variable Star. Pink and white calico in the star blocks set against green calico background. With pink calico border lengthwise. Another pink calico fabric on back. With double shell quilting. From Dale, Indiana.
ID# 91-150-42 | H12           
Roman Cross/ Four-Patch design. With yellow crosses (flesh-color square intersections) surrounded by four white patches, framed by red calico sashes. Red border. Outline and criss-cross quilting predominantly, with diagonal quilting along the border. From Rolla, MO.
ID# 92-169-119 | E8         
Cotton Crazy Quilt in blues, reds, blacks and whites-predominately. Composed of 11 vertical rows of crazy quilt patterns. With blue calico border and red calico binding. White back. With diagonal quilting. From a Louisville, KY estate.
ID# 92-254-344 | D8         
Nine-patch on beige background with multi-color print squares. Beige “Dotted…” borders. With scroll quilting on the border and square quilting elsewhere. From Louisville, KY yard sale.
ID# 92-65-885 | J12
Grandmother’s Flower Garden in silks and velvets. With purple and beige “gardens” on cream background. Back has small beige bows. From Kentucky.
ID# 92-150-224 | C16         
Pinwheel. With red and black calico pin-wheels on pale black stripe background, framed by charcoal calico sashes. Red binding over original mulberry binding still visible on back. Red bow sewn on back corner matches red binding. With running shell quilting. From an Indianapolis estate.
ID# 92-143-901 | F5         
Greek Cross in red and white (cross design in white). With red border. With diamond quilting; border also features a tear motif quilting. From a black home in Louisville; quilt made in that family. This is an African-American quilt.
ID# 92-157-500         
Snake Trails design. With multi-color print fabrics on the trails against a white background. Pink binding. With outline and heart-motif quilting. From Barren/Warren counties area of Kentucky.
ID# 92-265-82 | D2           
Wool Crazy Quilt. With multi-color patches. A great variety of embroidered outline stitching plus nine elaborate floral “blocks”- each different each embroidered. On one corner, the year “1902” is embroidered. Cotton flannel print back and binding. Binding is also embroidered. From Franklin County (Pea Ridge Rd. estate) of Kentucky.
ID# 92-300-189 | A3
“Bull Durham” quilt. Top made of Bull Durham tobacco sacks that were dyed green and yellow and then pieced to make a design of concentric green frames on a yellow ground. Centers features a sewn and  painted bull standing on sewn grass. . With outline quilting. Purchased in Bardstown, Kentucky from a dealer who had purchased it in Mississippi; tag read “Made from Bull Durham tobacco sacks,” (Each sack was hand-dyed before piecing.)
ID# 92-159-779 | G6         
Crazy Quilt composed of 12 panels of crazy patches of oranges, greens, blacks, blues and beiges. Each panel features an orange bar. Appliquéd flower petals in three panels. Patches of wool, velvet and other material. Green border. Cross-stitch etc, embroidery around patches tacked. From Grant County Ky.
ID# 92-238-57 | C15           
Rose of Sharon variation. Appliquéd off-white flower petals and pale green foliage on white ground. With off-white swag border, interspersed with foliage, all appliquéd. Intricate quilting over entire quilt, including four-ring feather wreaths, feather swaths, running shell diamond and outline. Outer petals of flowers are heart-shaped and overlapping. Possibly a bride’s quilt. From Chase family, Franklin County, KY.
ID# 92-112-166 | A2         
Crazy Quilt. Wool velvet cotton, silk, flannel, etc. Rich earth colors plus purples, blues and maroons. With a variety of bold embroidery stitches. A few embroidered motifs include fan, pocket, heart. From Louisville area estate. (Lacks back and binding)
ID# 92-125-458         

Log Cabin comforter with tacking. Principal colors of red, white and blue against denim ground. Border lengthwise of blue and brown. Center of log cabins on off-white corduroy. Red and blue tacking. Striped, cotton flannel back. From Indiana?
ID# 92-233-551 | H11         
Garden Maze with bow-tie design centers. Appears to be an original design. Overlapping octagons in gold against a green ground.  Octagons In centers of and on sides of quilt are gold squares containing bow-tie designs in various prints. With gold border. Outline saw tooth and parallel quilting plus a quilted leaf design around the border. Found in Beaver Dam, KY.
ID# 92-324-185 | F3         
Goblet Quilt, with alternating squares of blue calico and various prints and solids with goblet designs. Diagonal quilting. Blue denim back. Very rare pattern. Never washed. From West Tennessee estate auction in Paris or Cottage Grove.
ID# 92-196-480 | I8         
Oak Leaf pattern variation with beige and gold/orange appliquéd design on white ground. Each block contains a center flower with stems, acorns, and oak leaves radiating from it,  all appliquéd with visible dark thread. Each block framed by beige frames. Also beige border. Running shell quilting. Purchased near Decatur, Ala. Probably a Southern quilt (judging from its thickness) From Decatur, Alabama or surrounding Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, or Georgia area.
ID# 92-300-280 | H17         
Picket Fence Quilt. Blocks of embroidered flowers alternate with blocks of quilted (but unembroidered) flowers. The center design is framed by rectangular patches of green grass, blue sky and picket fence. Center design of flowers is on a beige ground, the same color of the fence. With diagonal and floral quilting. Quilt belonged to Olive (Mrs. Robert) Martin of Greenville, Ohio; it was made in her family (Never washed/always stored)
ID# 92-275-592         
Monument Quilt. Consists of six rows of monuments (or tombstones??), three rows facing in one direction and the other three in the opposite direction with a dividing strip down the middle monuments are made of red, blue, green and charcoal/black calicoes/ginghams and solids against a white ground which also forms monuments. Border at top and bottom of quilt. With outline quilting. From estate sale in Indianapolis-Noblesville, Indiana area.
ID# 92-160-136 | I11         
Churn Dash/Monkey Wrench/Barn Door/Greek Cross pattern. Alternating blocks of dashes,  made of blue and gold print fabric on a soft striped ground, and pink calico. With outline and diamond quilting. Possibly  of Kentucky origin. (Appears to be cotton seed in the batting.)
ID# 92-55-149 | I15          
Floral appliqué pattern which appears to be unique. Red and white stem and leaf motifs make up center of quilt (larger designs alternate with smaller), surrounded by a meandering red and white vine on all four sides (stem of vine is in off-white; stem of fruit on the vine is embroidered rust thread, all on white ground. Extensive concentric quilting. Top is hand-blocked, Mystery: Is quilt complete or unfinished ca. 1850-1875 Probably Northeastern U.S. (New England, etc.)
ID# 92-144-562 | I10         
Peony or Lily design in indigo, orange and brown. Blocks of flowers consisting of 3 eight-pointed star blooms on stems with leaves and ground-- in the three primary colors on an unbleached muslin ground-- alternate with solid brown blocks. Thin indigo frames lengthwise, and indigo and orange frames at top and bottom. Brown border. Pale floral print back. With parallel, diamond and outline quilting. Found in an antique mall in Foley, Alabama, on the Gulf Coast.
ID# 92-225-910         
Grandmother’s Flower Garden with 127 full and partial hexagons composed of multi-colored and printed fabrics. Each cell is defined by olive green hexagonal grid. Scalloped edging on two sides (lengthwise). With outline quilting. Made by Mary Wedding, Yelvington, Daviess Co. KY in the 1940s. (The quilt maker was in a nursing home in Calhoun, McLean Co., KY in 1992; dealer purchased quilt from maker’s daughter in law.
ID# 92-155-393 | C5         
Dresden Plate. 16 plates composed of pink floral centers and various pastel calico petals on a white ground framed by pink squares. At each frame intersection are black print florets. Pink border. Diamond pie and outline quilting. From a  French Lick, Indiana home.
ID# 92-47-890 | B1           
Double Irish Chain Crib Quilt or Comforter. Irish chain composed of red squares with black stripes, against a dark green wool ground. Same dark green wool for border. With red tacking. Cotton print “chain” pattern on back. From Daviess County, KY estate sale.
ID# 93-125-327 | E9        
Baby or Crib Quilt. With five parallel bars composed of eight-pointed stars, alternating with four pink bars. Stars, against a white ground, are in prints and solids. With outline and square quilting. From Evansville, Indiana area family. The quilt was made for a child who died in a fire and never got to use it.
ID# 93-212-35 | C11           
Improved Four/or Nine-Patch, in soft purple on white ground and vice-versa.  Purple border on two sides. White binding. Concentric quilting around the leaves, criss-cross quilting in the small squares and chevron quilting on the side borders. From a Louisville estate.
ID# 93-275-44 | H10           
Variation of Drunkard’s Path or Robbing Peter to Pay Paul (Vine of Friendship). Beginning in a small central medallion and continuing with radiating concentric medallions to the four sides of the quilt. Each medallion or diamond composed of multi-colored prints alternates with a white medallion or diamond. White frame and purple border. Purple and green flowers on diamond grid on back. With cross-hatch and outline quilting. From Kentucky.
ID# 93-450-120 | G10         
Snowflake Quilt. Four white snowflake designs appliquéd on a light grey ground with white saw tooth border appliqué. Each of the four  snowflakes constitutes a row; there are five rows altogether. With outline, radiating (sunburst), diamond and meandering grapevine quilting. From Pennsylvania. (Purchased at Steve White Auction, Middletown, Ky.)
ID# 92-235-236 | D1        
Dresden Plate design.  Alternating rows of large (scalloped edge) and small (round edges) plates.  Plates composed of orange and black appliqué borders with white centers.  On white background, orange binding.  Floral quilting in centers of plates with outline quilting in border.  Diamond quilting elsewhere.  From Puckett family estate, Columbus, Ohio.
ID# 91-167-715 | C4         
Flying Geese or Birds-in-the-Air.  Multi-colored prints in squares with maroon calico frames and white calico squares at corners of frames.  White calico border on one end.  Floral print bottom.  With diagonal quilting.  From Elizabethtown, Ky.
ID# 92-235-11           
On tag: “N. Alabama”.
ID# x-180-92 | H8              
On tag: “North Georgia, Chattanooga?”
ID# x-100-92 | H3           

On tag: “Loganport, IN”.
ID# x-70-150 | I5              
On tag: “Crib Quilt, So. Indiana or KY”.
ID# x-350-92 | I12              
On tag: “Trimble Co, KY”.
ID# x-50-91 | I13                
On tag: “KY”. Tree of Life.  Amish design.
ID# x-235-92 | G11                                          

On tag: “Louisville “H” Quilt”.
ID# x-225-93              

On tag: “Greenville, OH”.
ID# x- 130-92 | E7            

On tag: “Lima, OH”.
ID# x-265-92 | C7              
On tag: “Quilted Counterpane. OH, or Kentucky”.
ID# yyu-55                  
On tag: “Crazy quilt made by elderly lady at Poor Farm around 1950”.
ID# X-90-95 | D10              

On tag: “Indiana”.
ID# WHQ-002 |J2            
Cotton Squares- Blue is predominant color with checkerboard/picnic, plaid, and polka dot designs. Pink border, triangles the squares. From Decatur, AL.
ID# WHQ-003 | K6           

Child’s Blanket- pink, blues, reds, greens and yellows. Dinosaur at the center of the quilt. Light blue background.
ID# WHQ-004 | K5           

Tumbling blocks Peace sign. White background, blue signs with blue bottom.  From South Carolina.
ID# WHQ-005 | L6            
Green Balls on white square background. Many names appear in marker.
ID# WHQ-006 | K4            
Salmon squares on blue/white polka dot background. Small multi-colored squares in the larger squares. Green Border.
ID# WHQ- 007 | K3           
Grandmother’s Flowers. White background and red outlines. Blue is the predominant color.
ID# WHQ-008 | J6            
Map Comforter. Features maps from around the world (Poland, New Zealand, etc) Earth colors, black and white diamond checkered squares. Floral Bottom.
ID# WHQ-009 | K2            
Crazy Quilt- Multi-colored squares with many designs. Polka dots, flowers, leaves, stripes with a checkerboard border in black and white.
ID# WHQ-010 | L7            
Checkerboard. Single red diamond in the center. Orange and black on green background with flower border.
ID# WHQ-011 | J2            
Crazy Quilt. Squares with multicolored flowers. Log Cabin border design. Pinks, blues, blacks and beige.
ID# WHQ-012 | J7            
Yellow squares with red/beige leaves. Red, yellow and beige borders.
ID# WHQ-013 | K7            
Christmas Quilt. Red and green with red borders and green squares with green and red berries.
ID# WHQ-014 | K8            
Beige squares with yellow triangles and flower triangles. Purples, pinks and blues with pink tacking.
ID# WHQ-015            
Cream background with multicolored diamonds. Pink, brown, green, and blue dominate floral. Various designs in patches.
ID# WHQ-016 | K10            
Crazy Quilt- Blues, greens, reds, and black checkerboard. Polka dots. Brown and yellow square center.
ID# WHQ-017 | J8            
Diamond Quilting. Pastel colors with royal blue polka dot patches. Major Baseball patches throughout. Goodlettsville, Tenn. Antique Mall.
ID# WHQ-018 | L4            
Diamond and Square. Red, green and yellow dominate. Names and dates of people, perhaps birthdays. “Linda Treadway, Brookhead R.I. and KY.  April 5, 1960.” Has a hole in the quilt. KY?
ID# WHQ-019 | L1            
Diamonds. Flowers, denim, pink, brown predominant colors. Paisley bottom and outline.
ID# WHQ-020 | E2            
Flower baskets. Multicolored baskets. Yellow Paisley background.
ID# WHQ-021 | L2            
Log Cabin. Yellow, red, cream and navy blue. Dark green border.
#ID WHQ-022 | L3            
Multi-colored crisscross/diamond design. Red paisley outline. Wheel patches inserted into frames. Red, blue, green and orange.
ID# WHQ-023 | J3            
Diamond- Pastel, green, yellow, pink, purple, blue. Appliquéd flowers surround colored diamonds. Purple bottom and border.
ID# WHQ-024 | K13            
Squares. Multicolored. Red and blue bars. Purple bottom and border.
#ID WHQ-025 | J11            
Diagonal Quilting Comforter. Flannel material, grey border with red and black diamond’s predominant. Multicolored and various material bordering.
ID# WHQ-026 | L5            
Squares. Green background (bars). Multiple centers of squares with denim center. Pink tacking with green appliqué.
ID# WHQ-027 | K12            
Flower Faces separated by green bars. Multicolored flowers surrounded by appliquéd flowers. Grey bottom and border.
ID# WHQ-028 | K15            
Six-pointed star. Beige, green, blue, pink, maroon, and yellow on cream background. Blue has some discoloration.
ID# WHQ-029 | K14            
Square design with leaves in center of squares. Names printed in the leaves. Yellow bars with red squares.
ID# WHQ-030 | J1            
Multi-fabric squares bordered by white bands with a white back and edging.
ID# WHQ-031 | L8            
Crazy quilt/comforter. Different designs and materials with red tacking. Black, red and green dominate.
ID# WHQ-032            
Log Cabin squares. Border is blue/black paisley bottom is pink/cream Red centers in squares. Blue dominate color.
ID# WHQ-033 | J14a            
Log Cabin/Square Design. Maroon, Blue, Black and Beige in corners. Back is dotted cream on blue.
ID# WHQ-034 | A5            
Rectangle design. Earth colors. Brown yellow, red, blue with red tacking. Wool. Orange, green, and cream striped border. Pink, black and red striped bottom.
ID# WHQ-035 | K9            
Flower Design. Pink/Green colors on cream background. Pink polka dot borders.
ID# WHQ-036 | J10            
Log Cabin. Silks. Black silk border and bottom. Multicolor. “Loutrel Briggs, landscape architect of Book Collection Charleston, SC and Georgetown, SC.
ID# WHQ-037 | A8            
Eight pointed star in hexagon. Red with Red border on cream background.
ID# WHQ-038 | A7           
Square and diamond Crazy quilt. Yellow border and bottom. Made in Abilene, Kansas, 1939 by Ladies Rural Club. There are several names sewn throughout the quilt.
ID# WHQ-039 | A6            
Diamond and Squares. Pink calico with green tacking. Pink and blue polka dot. Stripe cotton bottom in blue. Tackbel squares and triangles. From Indiana.
ID# WHQ-040 | A5            
Broken wheel. Red wheels with blue and beige calico bottom in blue and black. Old order of Mennonites of Camden, Indiana.
ID# WHQ-041 | A4            
Crazy Quilt. Green peace sign. Blue border with Green and blue bars.
ID# WHQ-042 | B4            
Crazy Quilt. Pastels. Blue tacking with red and blue plaid bottom.
ID# 91-214-51           
San Jose, Ill. Brown border with pink calico bottom with orange, brown, and blue tulips.
ID# 90-185-819         
Owensboro, KY. Blue Border. Blue, light orange, and pink are predominant colors.
ID# 91-100-261         
Jefferson, ID. Pink and orange paisley background. White and blue squares , pastel colors dominate.
ID# 91-109-148         
Louisville, KY. Red, Blue, Green and yellow calico border. Diamond quilting with yellow and orange borders.
ID# WHQ-043 | H2            
Eight Point Star and Diamond quilting. Yellow, orange and red.
ID# 93-42-566           
Crazy Quilt- Mixed patterns and materials. Red, Cream, blue and green tacking. “olive” bottom in brown, red and black.
ID# WHQ-044 | H1            
Yellow and Green squares with yellow border.
ID# 93-43-567 | J9           
Crazy Quilt with solid pink bottom (pink, black, green, and mauve are predominant colors.
ID# WHQ-045 | J13a

Doll quilt. Small format crazy quilt design in browns. Dated Dec. 25, 1860 in embroidery.
ID# 90-12-450 | G5          
Log Cabin quilt top. Red and beige are the dominant colors. From Indianapolis
ID# 91-177-139 | G8 NL        
Goose Tracks, brown calico dominant color in frames on red calico background with purple calico frame and red calico border; shell quilting. From a Bedford, Indiana estate
91-132-908  | H5 NL        
Wagon Wheels design with green calico background. Wheels made up of various prints with outline, concentric and diamond quilting, ca 1930. From Louisville estate
91-185-130  | I2
Variable Star. Pink and white calico in the star blocks set against green calico background with pink calico border lengthwise. Another pink calico fabric on back. With double shell quilting. From Dale, Indiana.
Modern Gee's Bend Quilt, ca. 2000. By Mary Ann Pettway.