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New Music Items
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 Babbitt, Milton
     None but the Lonely Flute: For Unaccompanied Flute
     M62 .B22 N66 1991
 Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel
     Keyboard Sonatas
     M3 .B12 P3 2005 Ser.1 suppl.
 Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel
     M3 .B12 P3 2005 Ser.5 suppl.
 Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel
     Miscellaneous Songs
     M3.B12 P3 2005 Ser.6, vol.3
 Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel
     Polyhymnia Portfolio
     M3.B12 P3 2005 Ser.8, vol.2
 Bach, Johann Sebastian
     Mein Herze schwimmt im Blut: BWV 199
     M2023 .B12 BWV 199 2014
 Bach, Johann Sebastian
     Kammermusik mit Violine
     M3.1 .B118 2010 Bd. 3
 Bach, Johann Sebastian
     The Six French Suites; Two Suites in a minor and E-Flat Major
     M24 .B115 D87 2000
 Barber, Samuel
     Chorale Prelude on Silent Night: From Die Natali: op. 37
     M14.5.C5 B37 1961
 Bartók, Béla; Paul Arma
     Suite Paysanne Hongroise: For Flute and Piano
     M244 .B3 S85 1988
 Berlin, Irving
     Call Me Madam
     M1508 .B5 C34 1990z
 Busoni, Ferruccio
     Konzert für Violine und Orchester D-Dur Op. 35a
     M1012 .B97 op.35a 1993
 Chen, Yi
     Chinese Ancient Dances: For Bb Clarinet and Piano
     M250 .C44 C45 2006
 Chen, Yi
     Night Thoughts: For Flute, Cello, and Piano
     M322 .C46 N54 2004
 Chin, Unsuk
     Konzert für Violine und Orchester, 2001
     M1012 .C495 2002
 Danzi, Franz
     Quintet for Piano, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon in F major
     M517 .D36 op.53 2000
 Danzi, Franz
     Quintet for Piano, Oboe, Clarinet, Horn and Bassoon in D minor
     M517 .D36 op.41 2000
 Daugherty, Michael
     Krypton: For Orchestra
     M1001 .D23 M47 1999
 Del Tredici, David
     Fantasy Pieces for Piano
     M25 .D45 F36 1970
 Diemer, Emma Lou
     Encore: For Piano
     M25 .D54 E63 1984
 Diemer, Emma Lou
     Piano Sonata #3
     M23 .D5735 no.3 2001
 Dun, Tan
     Intercourse of Fire and Water: For Cello Solo
     M52 .T36 I54 2009
 Eberlin, Johann Ernst
     Motetten für die Vorfasten- und Fastenzeit
     M2 .D35 Bd.21
 First, Craig P.
     Contrapuntal Variations III: Canonic Variations: Cello Solo
     M52 .F57 C653 2010
 Gabrieli, Giovanni
     Canzon Primi Toni, Sacrae Symphoniae, Venice, 1597, for Eight-Part Brass Choir
     M857.G12 S367
 George, Patricia
     Advanced Flute Studies: The Art of Chunking
     MT342 .G46 C48 2014
 Greer, David, ed.
     Collected English Lutenist Partsongs: I
     M2 .M638 vol. 53
 Greer, David, ed.
     Collected English Lutenist Partsongs: II
     M2 .M638 vol. 54
 Gubaidulina, Sofia
     Quasi Hoquetus: For Viola, Bassoon, and Piano
     M322 .G833 Q4 2012
 Hindemith, Paul
     Sonate: For Viola Solo, Opus 11/5
     M47 .H585 op.11 no.5 2000z
 Hofhaimer, Paul
     Harmoniae Poeticae: (Nürnberg 1539)
     M2 .D35 Bd.15 pt.3
 Husa, Karel
     Three Studies for Solo Clarinet
     M72 .H87 S8 2008
 Jenkins, John
     Fantasia-Suites: I
     M2 .M638 vol. 78
 Kirchner, Leon
     Piano Sonata no. 3: The Forbidden   
     M23 .K58 no.3 2007
 Lang, David
     Cut: Solo Piano (2002)
     M25 .L363 C88 2010
 Lefèvre, Jean-Xavier
     Simphonie Concertante: Pour Hautbois, Clarinette et Basson avec Accompagnement D'Orchestre
     M1040 .L478 S5 2003
 MacMillan, James
     Tenebrae Responsories
     M2092 .M336 T46 2008
 Martino, Donald
     Soliloquy: For Solo Vibraphone
     M175 .X6 M37 2003
 Meldert, Leonardo
     Primo Libro de Madrigali a Cinque Voci (Venice, 1578)
     M2 .R2384 v.161
 Milhaud, Darius
     Service Sacré: Pour le Samedi Matin
     M2017.6 .M6 S4 1950
 Milhaud, Darius
     XVIIe Quatuor à Cordes, pour Deux Violons, Alto, et Violoncelle
     M452 .M66 no.17 1951a
 Milhaud, Darius
     XVIIe Quatuor à Cordes, pour Deux Violons, Alto, et Violoncelle
     M452 .M66 no.18 1952
 Milhaud, Darius
     XIIe Symphonie: Rurale
     M1001 .M65 no.12 1995
 Milhaud, Darius
     Xe Symphonie
     M1001 .M65 no.10 1961
 Milhaud, Darius
     IIe Symphonie
     M1001 .M65 no.2 1950
 Milhaud, Darius
     Quatrième Symphonie
     M1001 .M65 no.4 1948
 Milhaud, Darius
     IIIe Symphonie
     M1001 .M65 no.3 1951
 Poulenc, Francis
     Sept Répons des Ténèbres: Pour Soprano Solo
     M2023 .P74 R4 1962
 Prokofiev, Sergey
     Symphony No. 4, First Version, Opus 47
     M1001 .P96 op.47 2002
 Roussel, Albert
     Joueurs de Flûte: Op. 27 for Flute and Piano
     M242 .R68 J68 2012
 Sibelius, Jean
     The Bard: Tone Poem for Orchestra, op. 64
     M1002 .S56 op.64 1984
 Siqueira, José
     Three Etudes for Bassoon with Piano Accompaniment
     MT405 .S56 1969
 Slavický, Klement
     Trio per Oboe, Clarinetto e Fagotto
     M357.2 .S62 2001
 Smith, Sylvia, ed.
     The Noble Snare: Compositions for Unaccompanied Snare Drum
     M146 .N62 2014 v. 1-4
 Turnage, Mark-Anthony
     Frieze: For Orchestra
     M1045 .T942 F91 2014
 Turnage, Mark-Anthony
     Three Screaming Popes: For Large Orchestra
     M1045 .T942 T5 1990
 Turnage, Mark-Anthony
     Riffs and Refrains: Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra
     M1024.T87 R5 2008
 Vivaldi, Antonio
     Concerto in la Maggiore per Archi e Cembalo, F. XI, n. 4
     M3 .V7 t. 8
 Wagner, Richard
     Der Ring des Nibelungen: Siegfried
     M3 .W23 vol.12
 Zeitlin, Leo
     Palestina: An Overture for the Capitol Theatre, New York
     M2.3 .U6 R4 vol.76


 Biancardi, Emília
     The Musical Roots of Bahia
     ML3575 .B7 B53 2000
 Bowles, Edmund
     Timpani: A History in Pictures and Documents
      ML1036 .B36 2002
 Cohen, Ronald and Rachel Clare Donaldson
     Roots of the Revival: American and British Folk Music in the 1950s
     ML3545 .C64 2014
 Davy-Rigaux, Cécile
     Guillaume-Gabriel Nivers: Un Art du Chant Grégorien Sous le Règne de Louis XIV
     ML410 .N655 D38 2004
 Duron, Jean, Jennifer Gipson; et al.
     French Baroque Music of New Orleans: Spiritual Songs from the Ursuline Convent (1736)
     ML2911.8 .N39 F74 2014
 Fairchild, Charles
     Grey Album
     ML420 .D1436 F35 2014
 Fast, Susan
     ML420 .J175 F37 2014
 Granade, Andrew
     Harry Partch: Hobo Composer
     ML410 .P176 G73 2014
 Hayden, Ethan
     Sigur Rós's
     ML421.S52 S54 2014
 Liszt, Franz
     Collected Writings of Franz Liszt
     ML410 .L7 A113 2011
 Messing, Scott
     Marching to the Canon: The Life of Schubert's Marche Militaire
     ML410 .S3 M462 2014
 Murphy, Clifford
     Yankee Twang: Country and Western Music in New England
     ML3524 .M87 2014
 Ronge, Julia
     Beethovens Lehrzeit : Kompositionsstudien bei Joseph Haydn, Johann Georg Albrechtsberger und Antonio Salieri
     ML410 .B4 R66 2011
 Sampson, Henry
     Blacks in Blackface: A Sourcebook on Early Black Musical Shows
     ML1711 .S25 2014 v.1-2
 Schulenberg, David
     Music of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
     ML410 .B16 S355 2014
 Spörke, Michael
     Big Mama Thornton: The Life and Music
     ML420 .T467 S66 2014
 Syer, Katherine
     Wagner's Visions: Poetry, Politics, and the Psyche in the Operas through Die Walküre 
     ML1729.4 .S94 2014
 Volta, Ornella, ed.
     A Mammal's Notebook: The Writings of Erik Satie
     ML410 .S196 A25 2014
 Warner, Alan
     Tago Mago: Permission to Dream
     ML421 .C26 W37 2014
 Zaslaw, Neal and William Cowdery.
     Compleat Mozart: A Guide to the Musical Works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
     MT145 .M7 Z4 1990


     Oxford American Southern Music: Featuring the Music of Tennessee
     CD 2014-168
Allen, Woody
     Bullets over Broadway: The Musical
     CD 2014-139
 Atterberg, Kurt; Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra / Neeme Jarvi, cond.
     Orchestral Works: Volume 2; Symphony No. 2 & 8
     CD 2014-150
 Bach, Johann Sebastian; The Taverner Players
     Hunt Cantata & Wedding Cantata
     CD 2014-103
 Bartók, Béla; James Ehnes, violin & Andrew Armstrong, piano
     Works for Violin and Piano; Sonatas and Folk Dances
     CD 2014-160
 Beynon, Emily, Poulenc Francis, et al.
     L'Album des Six: the Complete Works of 'The Six' for Flute and Piano
     CD 2014-113
 Bogdan, Tom & Harry Huff
     For your delight: New American Art Songs
     CD 2014-138
 Danielpour, Richard
     Darkness in the Ancient Valley
     CD 2014-109
 Daughtery, Michael, Lou Harrison, Craig Walsh, Kevin Puts, Mark Rush, violin, et al.
     Playing the Edge: Music for Violin & Percussion
     CD 2014-140
 Davidovsky, Mario and Harvey Sollberger
     Synchronisms; Chamber Variations
     CD 2014-141
 Dukas, Paul
     Ariane et Barbe-Bleue
     CD 2014-112
 Dutilleux, Henri, Witold Lutoslawski, Mstislav Rostropovich, cello
     Cello Concertos
     CD 2014-117
 Dutilleux, Henri; Robert Levin and Ya-Fei Chuang, piano
     D'Ombre et de Silence
     CD 2014-157
 Eighth Blackbird; et al.
     CD 2014-99
 Flaherty, Stephen
     Rocky (Broadway Cast Recording)
     CD 2014-88
 Gombert, Nicolas; The Hilliard Ensemble
     Missa Media Vita in Morte Sumus
     CD 2014-148
 Kitt, Tom
     If / Then: A New Musical (Broadway Cast Recording)
     CD 2014-94
 Kodály, Zoltán
     String Quartet no. 1 op. 2; Intermezzo for String Trio; Gavotte; String Quartet no. 2 op. 10
     CD 2014-100
 LaChiusa, Michael John
     The Wild Party
     CD 2014-137
 Mahler, Gustav, San Francisco Symphony, Herbert Blomstedt, cond.
     Symphony No. 2 in c minor 'Resurrection'
     CD 2014-143
 McDonald, Audra
     Way Back to Paradise
     CD 2014-133
 Menken, Alan
     CD 2014-77
 Menken, Alan
     CD 2014-136
 Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus; Christopher Hogwood
     Coronation Mass, K317; Vespers, K339
     CD 2014-134
 Brown, Jason Robert
     The Bridges of Madison County
     CD 2014-82
 Paine, John Knowles; Ulster Orchestra / JoAnn Falletta, cond.
     Orchestral Works: Shakespeare's Tempest; Symphony No.1
     CD 2014-159
 Pärt, Arvo; Elora Festival Singers / Noel Edison
     Music for Unaccomponied Choir
     CD 2014-161
 Praetorius, Hieronymus
     Organ Works
     CD 2014-104
 Antheil, George, Aaron Copland, Arthur Honnegger, Maurice Ravel; et al.
     Piano Concertos of the 1920s
     CD 2014-121
 Schumann, Clara; Micaela Gelius, Sreten Krstic, Stephan Haack
     Piano and Chamber Music
     CD 2014-122
 Scriabin, Aleksandr Nikolayevich; Arkady Sevidov, piano
     Piano Concerto; Piano Sonata No. 1
     CD 2014-131
 Shostakovich, Dmitrii Dmitrievich; Russian Philharmonic Orchestra / Thomas Sanderling
     Tale of the Priest and his Worker Balda ; Suite from Lady Macbeth
     CD 2014-147
 Snow, Tom
     Footloose: The Musical
     CD 2014-144
 Sowerby, Leo; Faythe Freese; et al.
     Sowerby at Trinity
     CD 2014-158
 Styne, Jule
     Funny Girl: Original Broadway Cast
     CD 2014-78
 Titelouze, Jehan; Robert Bates, Organ
     Complete Organ Works of Jehan Titelouze: Hymn and Magnificat Settings, 1562-1633.
     CD 2014-167
 Tunder, Franz, Nicolaus Hasse, Friedhelm Flamme
     Complete Organ Works
     CD 2014-142