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New Music Items
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     Jazz: Anthology of Jazz Songs: Piano, Vocal, Guitar
     M1680.18 .J39 2010
     Priscilla: Queen of the Desert; The Musical
     M1508 .P75 2012
 Adams, John Luther
     Become Ocean: For Orchestra
     M1045 .A333 B4 2012
 Babbitt, Milton
     M1621 .B33 P56 1979
 Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel
     Concerto in D minor for Flute and Piano
     M1121 .B23 H.484.1 1969
 Bach, Johann Sebastian
     Flute Sonatas II: The Three Sonatas Attributed to J.S. Bach
     M241 .B2 F56 E772 1981
 Bach, Johann Sebastian
     St. Matthew Passion : BWV 244
     M2003 .B15 M3 2012
 Bach, Johann Sebastian
     St. Matthew Passion : BWV 244
     M2000 .B15 M3 2011
 Bolcom, William
     Theatrical Songs: 51 Songs for High Voice and Piano
     M1620 .B668 T53 2012
 Danzi, Franz
     Quartet in C Major for Bassoon, Violin, Viola and Violoncello
     M462 .D16 op.40 no.1 2009
 Danzi, Franz
     Quartet in Bb Major for Bassoon, Violin, Viola, and Violoncello
     M462 .D33 op.40 no.3 2010
 Eisler, Hanns and Brecht Bertolt
     Brecht-Eisler Song Book: Forty-Two Songs in German and English
     M1734 .E57 B74 1967
 Elgar, Edward
     Solo Songs with Piano, 1857-1900
     M3 .E6 1981 ser.2 vol.15
 Gershwin, George
     Gershwin Song Collection; Volume One: 1918-1930
     M1630.18 .G47 A54 2009 v.1
 Gershwin, George
     Gershwin Song Collection; Volume Two: 1931-1954
     M1630.18 .G47 A54 2009 v.2
 Gershwin, George
     Gershwin's Improvisations for Solo Piano
     M38.5 .G36 G36 1987
 Hindemith, Paul
     Sonate in Es: für Violine und Klavier opus 11/1
     M219 .H66 op.11 no.1 2000z
 Kitt, Tom
     Bring it On: The Musical
     M1508 .K58 B75 2013
 Kitt, Tom
     High Fidelity: A Musical
     M1508 .K58 H5 2011
 LaChiusa, Michael John
     The Michael John LaChiusa Songbook
     M1507 .L1375 M5 2011
 Ligeti, György
     Double Concerto for Flute, Oboe, and Orchestra (1972)
     M1040 .L714 2011
 Loesser, Frank
     Frank Loesser Songbook
     M1630.18 .L64 1994
 Loewe, Frederick
     Best of Lerner & Loewe
     M1507 .L82 A45 1997
 MacMillan, James
     HB to MB: Cello Solo
     M52 .M167 H43 2005
 Motown Catalog
     Motown: The Musical
     M1508 .M68 2013
 Paporisz, Yoram
     Discoveries at the Piano
     MT243 .P242 1964 v. 1-3
 Parton, Dolly
     9 to 5: The Musical
     M1508.P38 N5 2010
 Praetorius, Hieronymus
     Collected Vocal Works: Opus Musicum III: Six Masses
     M3.1 .P76 2008
 Rihm, Wolfgang
     Vier Male: Stücke für Klarinette in A (2000)
     M72 .R54 2001
 Schubert, Franz
     Kleinere Kirchenmusikalische Werke II
     M3 .S38 ser.1 Bd.9
 Sondheim, Stephen
     Stephen Sondheim Collection: 52 Songs from 17 Shows and Films
     M1507 .S66 S7 2012
 Tisné, Antoine
     Soiloques pour Basson
     M77 .T58 S6 1969
 Vaughan Williams, Ralph
     English Folk Song Suite
     M1203 .V38 E5 2008
 Vaughan Williams, Ralph
     English Folk Song Suite
     M1060 .V38 F6 1968
 Vivaldi, Antonio
     Estro Armonico Op. III
     M1105 .V85 E87 2013
 Warren, Harry
     42nd Street
     M1508 .W37 F6 2001


 Allanbrook, Wye Jamison
     Secular Commedia: Comic Mimesis in Late Eighteenth-Century Music
     ML195 .A45 2014
 Anderson, Gene
     Original Hot Five recordings of Louis Armstrong
     ML419 .A75 A83 2007
 Audissino, Emilio
     John Williams's Film Music: Jaws, Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and the Return of the Classical Hollywood Music Style
     ML410 .W71335 A83 2014
 Berger, Edward
     Softly, with Feeling: Joe Wilder and the Breaking of Barriers in American Music
     ML419 .W522 B57 2014
 Bonds, Mark Evan
     Absolute Music: The History of an Idea
     ML3854 .B66 2014
 Cushing, Steve
     Pioneers of the Blues Revival
     ML3521 .P56 2014
 DeLio, Thomas
     ML410 .C24 D45 2009
     Book and Accompanying CD
 Diamond, Beverley
     Native American Music in Eastern North America: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture
     ML3550 .D53 2008
 Dobbs-Mickus, Kelly, ed.
     Worship: Accompaniment
     M2119 .W67 2011 v. 1 & v.2
 Donnely, K.J.; William Gibbons; and Neil Lerner, eds.
     Music in Video Games: Studying Play 
     ML3540.7 .M88 2014
 Fitch, Lois
     Brian Ferneyhough
     ML410 .F38 F5 2013
 Gackle, Lynne
     Finding Ophelia's Voice, Opening Ophelia's Heart: Nurturing the Adolescent Female Voice: An Exploration of the Physiological, Psychological, and Musical Development of Female Students
     MT820 .G12 2011
 Gilmore, Bob
     Claude Vivier: A Composer's Life
     ML410 .V8273 G55 2014
 Graves, Kirk Walker
     My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
     ML420 .W452 G73 2014
  Grubbs, David
     Recods Ruin the Landscape: John Cage, the Sixties, and Sound Recording
     ML410 .C24 G78 2014
 Helbig, Adriana
     Hip Hop Ukraine: Music, Race, and African Migration
     ML3499 .U37 H45 2014
 Hinson, Maurice
     Guide to the Pianist's Repertoire (Fourth Edition)
     ML128 .P3 H5 2014
 Hoffman, Warren
     Great White Way: Race and the Broadway Musical
     ML3918 .M85 H64 2014
 Kendrick, Robert
     Singing Jeremiah: Music and Meaning in Holy Week
     ML3020.2 .K46 2014
 Koehler, Elisa
     Fanfares and Finesse: A Performer's Guide to Trumpet History and Literature
     ML960 .K64 2014
 Koskoff, Ellen
     Feminist Ethnomusicology: Writings on Music and Gender
     ML3798 .K67 2014
 Laird, Paul
     Musical theater of Stephen Schwartz : from Godspell to Wicked and beyond
     ML410 .S42 L36 2014
 Lang, Zoë Alexis
     Legacy of Johann Strauss: Political Influence and Twentieth-Century Identity
     ML410 .S91 L36 2014
 Magowan, Fiona and Louise Wrasen, eds.
     Performing Gender, Place, and Emotion in Music: Global Perspectives
     ML3830 .P373 2013
 Marissen, Michael
     Tainted Glory in Handel's Messiah: The Unsettling History of the World's Most Beloved Choral Work
     ML410 .H13 M38 2014
 McDonald, Matthew
     Breaking Time's Arrow: Experiment and Expression in the Music of Charles Ives
     ML410 .I94 M45 2014
 Nonken, Marilyn
     Spectral Piano: From Liszt, Scriabin, and Debussy to the Digital Age
     ML707 .N66 2014
 November, Nancy
     Beethoven's Theatrical Quartets: Opp. 59, 74, and 95
     ML410 .B4 N948 2013
 Pisani, Michael
     Music for the Melodramatic Theatre in Nineteenth-Century London & New York
     ML1731.8 .L7 P57 2014
 Rasch, Rudolf, ed.
     Music Publishing in Europe, 1600-1900: Concepts and Issues, Bibliography
     ML112 .M877 2005
 Roberts, Michael James
     Tell Tchaikovsky the News: Rock 'N' Roll, the Labor Question, and the Musicians' Union, 1942-1968
     ML3795 .R598 2014
 Starr, Larry
     Dickinson Songs of Aaron Copland
     ML410 .C756 S73 2002
 Suurpää, Lauri
     Death in Winterreise: Musico-Poetic Associations in Schubert's Song Cycle
     MT121 .S36 S88 2014
 Talle, Andrew, ed.
     Bach Perspectives
     MT92 .B1 B33
 Wentzel, Wayne
     The Adagio of Samuel Barber
     ML410 .B23 W46 2013
 Wilf, Eitan
     School for Cool: The Academic Jazz Program and the Paradox of Institutionalized Creativity
     ML3508 .W54 2014
 Young, James
     Critique of Pure Music
     ML3830 .Y68 2014

Babbitt, Milton
      CD 2014-46