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New Music Items
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Adams, John
     I Was Looking at the Ceiling and Then I Saw the Sky: Vocal Score
     M1503 .A214 I12 2012
Adès, Thomas
     These Premises are Alarmed: For Large Orchestra
     M1045 .A262 T5 1998
Andriessen, Louis
     Dancing on the Bones: For Large Ensemble and Children's Choir
     M1546.5 .A53 T7515 1999
Antheil, George
     Second Sonata: The Airplane for Piano Solo
     M23 .A58 no. 2 1995
Arlen, Harold
     Harold Arlen Songbook
     M1630.18 .A676 B5 1985
Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel
     Einführungsmusiken: I
     M3 .B12 P3 2005 Ser.5, vol.3.1
Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel
     Einführungsmusiken: II
     M3 .B12 P3 2005 Ser.5, vol.3.2
Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel
     Einführungsmusiken: III
     M3 .B12 P3 2005 Ser.5, vol.3.3
Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel
     Einführungsmusiken: IV
     M3 .B12 P3 2005 Ser.5, vol.3.4
Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel
     Keyboard Sonatinas from Manuscript Sources IV
     M3 .B12 P3 2005 Ser.3, vol.9.4
Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel
     Keyboard Sonatinas from Prints
     M3 .B12 P3 2005 Ser.3, vol.11
Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel
     Librettos II: Installation Cantatas
     M3 .B12 P3 2005 Ser.8, vol.3.2
Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel
     Magnificat (Berlin Version)
     M3 .B12 P3 2005 Ser.5, vol.1.1
Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel
     Magnificat (Hamburg Version)
     M3 .B12 P3 2005 Ser.5, vol.1.2
Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel
     Passion According to St. Matthew (1773)
     M3 .B12 P3 2005 Ser.4, vol.4.2
Bach, Johann Sebastian
     Toccata and Fugue in D Minor; and the Other Bach Transcriptions: For Solo Piano
     M32.8 .B2 T63 1996
Bliss, Arthur
     Sonata for Viola
     M226 .B619 S66 2013
Britten, Benjamin
     Variations for Piano (1965)
     M27 .B88 V37 2013
Buck, Dudley
     Forty-Sixth Psalm : op. 57
     M2.3 .U6 R4 vol.53P1
Buck, Dudley
     Centennial Meditation of Columbia: Piano/Vocal Score
     M2.3 .U6 R4 vol.53P2
Carter, Elliott
     Au Quai: For Bassoon and Viola
     M291 .C37 A97 2005
Chobanian, Loris
     Fantasia for Organ Duo : Bach-Riemenschneider
     M181 .C545 F2 2013
Del Tredici, David
     Tattoo: For Orchestra (1986)
     M1045 .D334 T4 1997
Gebauer, François-René
     Trio Nr. 5 Es-Dur für 3 Fagotte
     M357.2 .G4 no. 5 2000
Gideon, Miriam
     Fortunato: An Opera in Three Scenes (1958)
     M2.3 .U6 R4 vol.75
Gottschalk, Louis Moreau
     Jota Aragonesa and Other Favorites for Piano Four Hands
     M200 .G67 B3 2003
Handel, George Frideric
     Rinaldo: HWV 7a
     M1503 .H135 R54 2011
Herbert, Victor
     Victor Herbert Album: 37 Songs & Piano Pieces, 1895-1913.
     M3.1 .H53 D7 1990
Jacob, Gordon
     Bagatelles for Tuba
     M265 .J32 B3 1980
Jacob, Gordon
     Five Pieces: For Solo Clarinet
     M72 .J23 P5 1973
Ligeti, György
     Chamber Concerto: For 13 Instrumentalists
     M947 .L54 K3 1974
Lomax, John
     Best Loved American Folk Songs: [Folk Song: U.S.A]
     M1629.L85 F6 1947
Medtner, Nikolay Karlovich
     The Complete Piano Sonatas: Series 1
     M22 .M53 P53 1998
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix
     Symphony no. 4 in A major: Italian op. 90: version 1833
     M1001 .M53 op. 90 2009
Puccini, Giacomo
     Il Trittico
     M1500.P97 T62 1996
Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolay
     Capriccio Espagnol: And Other Concert Favorites
     M1000 .R57 O65 1998
Rouse, Christopher
     M1045 .R68 P47 1985
Sibelius, Jean
     15 Selected Songs
     M1620 .S56 F8 1966
Steinmetz, John
     Sonata for Bassoon and Piano (1981)
     M254 .S73 S6 2004
Stevens, John
     Hail to Venus, Hail to Mars: For Solo Tuba
     M97 .S78 S35 1995
Stevens, John
     Dialogues for Trombone & Tuba
     M289 .S723 D5 1987
Strauss, Richard
     Burleske for Piano and Orchestra
     M1010 .S86 B8 2005
Tippett, Michael
     Child of Our Time: Oratorio for Soprano, Contralto, Tenor and Bass Soli, Chorus and Orchestra
     M2000. T65 C5 2007
Uber, David
     Suite for Four F horns
     M457.4 .U14 S85 1965
Vecchi, Orazio
     Motecta (1590)
     M2 .R2384 vol. 160
Vivaldi, Antonio
     Estro Armonico: op. 3: 12 Concertos for Violins and String Orchestra
     M1140 .V59 E8 op. 3 1999
Wagner, Richard
     Meistersinger, Tristan and Isonde, Miscellaneous: Transcriptions for Organ
     M6 .L6 L4 1990 vol. 2/4
Wuorinen, Charles
     Reliquary for Igor Stravinsky
     M1045 .W95 R4 1978
Wuorinen, Charles
     Praegustatum for James Levine: Solo Piano
     M25 .W867 P73 2005


Bamberger, Jeanne Shapiro
     Discovering the Musical Mind: A View of Creativity as Learning
     MT1 .B36 2013
Baron, John
     Concert Life in Nineteenth-Century New Orleans: A Comprehensive Reference
     ML200.8 .N48 B37 2013
Caffery, Joshua
     Traditional Music in Coastal Louisiana: The 1934 Lomax Recordings
     ML3551.7 .L8 C34 2013
Cohen, Ronald and James Capaldi, eds.
     Pete Seeger Reader
     ML420 .S445 P48 2014
Cook, Nicholas
     Beyond the Score: Music as Performance
     ML457 .C75 2013
Crandall, Phillip
     Andrew W.K.'s I Get Wet
     ML420 .W25 C73 2014
Donnelly, K. J.
     Occult Aesthetics: Synchronization in Sound Film
     ML2075 .D664 2014
Everist, Mark and Annegret Fauser, eds.
     Music, Theater, and Cultural Transfer: Paris, 1830-1914
     ML1727.8 .P2 M85 2009
Geary, Jason
     Politics of Appropriation: German Romantic Music and the Ancient Greek Legacy
     ML1729.4 .G43 2014
Gordon, Robert
     Respect Yourself: Stax Records and the Soul Explosion
     ML3792 .S78 G67 2013
Harkness, Nicholas
     Songs of Seoul: An Ethnography of Voice and Voicing in Christian South Korea
     ML3151 .K6 H37 2014
Herissone, Rebecca
     Musical Creativity in Restoration England
     ML286.2 .H47 2013
Honey, Michael
     Sharecropper's Troubadour: John L. Handcox, the Southern Tenant Farmers' Union, and the African American Song Tradition
     ML3556 .H66 2013
Jones, Richard Douglas
     Creative Development of Johann Sebastian Bach: Music to Delight the Spirit
     ML410 .B13 J66 2007 v.2
Lesh, Phil
     Searching for the Sound: My Life With the Grateful Dead
     ML419.L43 A3 2005
Martin, George
     Opera at the Bandstand: Then and Now
     ML1311 .M19 2014
Mayes, Jimmi
     Amazing Jimmi Mayes: Sideman to the Stars
     ML419.M344 A3 2014
Medlicott, Carol
     Richard McNemar, Music, and the Western Shaker Communities: Branches of One Living Tree
     ML3178.S5 M43 2013
Noonan, Ellen
     Strange career of Porgy and Bess : race, culture, and America's most famous opera
     ML410 .G288 N66 2012
Pollock, Bruce
     Friend in the Music Business: The ASCAP Story: The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers
     ML3790 .P66 2014
Rawson, Robert
     Bohemian Baroque: Czech Musical Culture and Style, 1600-1750
     ML247.2 R39 2013
Redmond, Shana
     Anthem: Social Movements and the Sound of Solidarity in the African Diaspora
     ML3917 .U6 R43 2014
Scully, Rock and David Dalton
     Living with the Dead: Twenty Years on the Bus with Garcia and the Grateful Dead
     ML421 .G72 S38 2001
Sherinian, Zoe
     Tamil Folk Music as Dalit Liberation Theology
     ML3151.I4 S44 2014
Solis, Gabriel
     Thelonious Monk Quartet Featuring John Coltrane at Carnegie Hall
     ML417 .M846 S56 2014
Stanley, Bob
     Yeah Yeah Yeah: The Story of Modern Pop
     ML3534 .S73 2013
Steblin, Rita
     Beethoven in the Diaries of Johann Nepomuk Chotek
     ML410.B4 S74 2013
Trist, Alan and David Dodd, eds.
     Complete Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics
     ML54.6 .C62 2007
Vail, Mark
     Synthesizer: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding, Programming, Playing, and Recording the Ultimate Electronic Music Instrument
     MT723 .V35 2014
Von Buseck, Craig
     Nobody Knows: The Forgotten Story of One of the Most Influential Figures in American Music
     ML410.B97 V66 2014
Wade, Bonnie
     Composing Japanese Musical Modernity
     ML340.5 .W33 2014
Walden, Joshua
     Sounding Authentic: The Rural Miniature and Musical Modernism
     ML197 .W38 2014
Weidenbaum, Marc
     Selected Ambient Works Volume II
     ML410 .A648 W45 2014
Winstead, J. Lloyd
     When Colleges Sang: The Story of Singing in American College Life
     ML25 .W56 2013
Wissner, Reba
     Dimension of Sound: Music in the Twilight Zone
     ML2080 .W57 2013
Zimmers, Tighe
     Lyrical Satirical Harold Rome: A Biography of the Broadway Composer-Lyricist
     ML410 .R63298 Z56 2014

Joubert, Joseph; et al.
     Motown: The Musical; Original Broadway Cast Recording
     CD 2014-11
Jarrett, Keith; Gary Peacock; and Jack DeJohnette
     CD 2014-12
Lewis, Jerry Lee
     Definitive Collection
     CD 2014-13
New York Festival of Song; Cyndia Sieden; William Sharp; Steven Blier
     Unquiet Peace: The Lied Between the Wars
     CD 2014-8
Piazzolla, Astor; Wurttembergische Philharmonie Retlingen / Gabriel Castagna
     Symphonic Works
     CD 2014-9
Ross, Diana and the Supremes
     The Millennium Collection
     CD 2014-7