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Theater: Greek Drama Titles  (Choose Another Genre)

Series Title: 1983
Call Number: DVD 2005-66
Description: Part one of the "Oresteia" trilogy by Aeschylus. James Carter (Agamenon), Phillip Donaghy (Clytemrestra). Directed by Peter Hall.
Keywords: Greek Tragedy; Aeschylus

Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2005-20
Description: Contemporary translation of Sophocles' third "Theban" play; BBC TV production.
Keywords: Sophocles; Greek Tragedy

Series Title: 1962
Call Number: DVD 2005-49
Description: 1962 film adaptation of the play by Euripides; in Greek with subtitles.
Keywords: Euripides; Greek Mythology

Greek Drama
Series Title:
Call Number: VCR 2001-36
Description: Reconstructs the famous Theater of Dionysus in Athens.
Keywords: Documentary; Theater History

Greek Drama: From Ritual to Theater
Series Title: Baruch Video
Call Number: DVD 2006-9
Description: Traces Greek theater from ancient harvest rites to the golden age of Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, and Aristophanes; includes scenes from famous Greek dramas.
Keywords: History

Lysistrata: Female Power & Democracy
Series Title: 2009
Call Number: DVD 2011-247
Description: A documentary on the production of Lysistrata.
Keywords: Women; Documentary

Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2005-19
Description: 1982 Kennedy Center production of Euripide's great classic.
Keywords: Greek Tragedy; Euripides

Series Title:
Call Number: VCR 2001- 62
Description: Modern-language production staged by Jose Quintero; Oversize.
Keywords: Classical Greek Tragedy; Euripides

Oedipus the King
Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2005-21
Description: Recounts the story of Oedipus, king of Thebes; one of Sophocles' "Theban" plays.
Keywords: Sophocles; Greek Tragedy

Role of Theatre in Ancient Greece
Series Title:
Call Number: VCR 2001-35
Description: Aspects of the theater in ancient Greece, including design, direction.
Keywords: Docmentary;Theater History

Role of Theatre in Ancient Greece
Series Title:
Call Number: VCR 2004-149
Description: Explanation of aspects of theatre in ancient Greece.
Keywords: Theater: History

Staging Classical Comedy
Series Title:
Call Number: VCR 2001- 48
Description: "Miles Gloriousus" staged as it might have been in ancient Greece.

Staging Classical Tragedy
Series Title:
Call Number: VCR 2001-34
Description: "Oresteia" as example of how plays were staged in ancient Greece.
Keywords: Documentary; Theater History

Trojan Women
Series Title: 1971
Call Number: DVD 2005-51
Description: Aftermath of the Trojan War; starring Katherine Hepburn and Vanessa Redgrave.
Keywords: Euripides; Trojan War

Voice Work for the Actor
Series Title:
Call Number: VCR 2003- 30
Description: A comprehensive vocal and physical warm-up routine for the actor.
Keywords: Voice care and hygiene