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Terrorism / War Documentary Titles  (Choose Another Genre)

4 Little Girls
Series Title:
Call Number: VCR 2000-48
Description: Bombing of the 16th St. Baptist Church by the KKK.
Keywords: Civil Rights; Birmingham

9/11 Through Saudi Eyes
Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2006-127
Description: Broad cross-section of Saudis give their perceptions of events and issues involving the September 11th, 2001 attacks.
Keywords: United States History: 9/11

Al Qaeda 2.0
Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2006-119
Description: Tracks Al Qaeda and its allies from 9/11 to the start of the second Gulf War.
Keywords: Al Qaeda; Terrorism

Ax Fight
Series Title:
Call Number: VCR 99-29
Description: Four-part analysis of a fight in a Yanomamo village.
Keywords: Yanomamo Indians

Balancing Act: Security and Liberty Post-9/11
Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2007- 31
Description: CNN journalist Frank Sesno moderates this energetic and informative program exploring the post-9/11 relationship between security and personal freedom in America.
Keywords: National Security; September 11 Terrorist Attacks,

Blood in the Face
Series Title:
Call Number: VCR 2000-52
Description: Workings of KKK, American Nazi Party, Aryan Nations, and David Duke.
Keywords: White Supremacy Movements

Civil War
Series Title: Civil War: a Film Series
Call Number: VCR 2001-7
Description: Ken Burns's 9-part series on the Civil War.
Keywords: United States: Civil War; Ken Burns

Cult of the Suicide Bomber
Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2009-149
Description: Former CIA agent and terrorism expert Robert Baer tracks the history of suicide bombers from their origin in the Iran-Iraq war to their growing predominance in the post-9/11 world.
Keywords: War; Religion; Islam; David Batty; Kevin Toolis

Cult of the Suicide Bomber 2: Inside the Hidden World of Women and Western
Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2009-122
Description: Former CIA agent and terrorism expert Robert Baer investigates how the phenomenon of suicide bombing has spread to the west and changed the role of women in the Middle East.
Keywords: Religion; War; Violence;Kevin Toolis

Egalite for All: Toussaint Louverture and the Haitian Revolution
Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2009-58
Description: The Haitian Revolution represents the only successful slave revolution in history; it created the world's first Black republic. At the forefront of the rebellion was General Toussaint Louverture.
Keywords: Noland Walker; PBS

Escape from Auschwitz
Series Title: Secrets of the Dead
Call Number: DVD 2009-124
Description: Story of the two young Slovak Jews, Rudolf Vrba and Alfred Wetzler, who escaped and fled across enemy territory to tell the world about the atrocities being committed at Nazi camps.
Keywords: World War II; Prisoners of War; PBS; Alex Dunlop

Hearts and Minds
Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2006-144
Description: Peter Davis's documentary confronts the United States' involvement in Vietnam and the disastrous effects of war.
Keywords: Vietnam War

In the Name of the Emperor: The Rape of Nanjing
Series Title: 1995
Call Number: DVD 2011-4
Description: Interviews with Japanese scholars and former soldiers recalling how they killed and raped Chinese civilians.
Keywords: Nanking Massacre

Invisible Children: Discover the Unseen
Series Title: 2003
Call Number: DVD 2009-213
Description: Documentary of children kidnapped and taught to kill in Northern Uganda.
Keywords: Jason Russell; Bobby Bailey; Laren Poole; War; Ethnographic; Politics

Islam in America After September 11th
Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2007-195
Description: Looks at the impact that the September 11th attacks on New York and Washington, DC had on the American Muslim community.
Keywords: Muslims: United States; September 11th Terrorist A

Last Stand at Little Big Horn
Series Title: American Experience
Call Number: VCR 2004-71
Description: Examines the Battle of Little Bighorn from an Indian and a white man's perspective.
Keywords: Battle of Little Bighorn

Liberty and Security in an Age of Terrorism
Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2006-126
Description: Explores the balance between national security and civil liberties in the post-9/11 world.
Keywords: Terrorism; 9/11

Massachusetts 54th Colored Infantry
Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2009-33
Description: Chronicles the formation and battlefield heroics of the first all-black Union regiment, the Massachusetts 54th Colored Infantry.
Keywords: Jacqueline Shearer; African American Soldiers; Civil War

Moment of Crisis: Anatomy of a Riot
Series Title: ABC News: Nightline
Call Number: VCR 93-27
Description: Investigates the Los Angeles riots that occurred in the aftermath of the Rodney King beating verdict in 1992.
Keywords: Riots: Los Angeles; Rodney King

Night and Fog
Series Title:
Call Number: VCR 2000-31
Description: Horrors of concentration camps; English subtitles.
Keywords: Holocaust

One Day in September
Series Title:
Call Number: VCR 2002- 24
Description: Archival footage, interviews portray tragedy at the Munich Olympics.
Keywords: 1972 Munich Olympics; Terrorism

Our Disappeared = = Nuestros Desaparecidos
Series Title: 2008
Call Number: DVD 2011-30
Description: Tragic loss stories from family and friends of those that disappeared during Argentina's military dictatorship of 1976-83. Shared by director Juan Mandelbaum after he discovers through a casual Google search that an ex-girlfried was one among thousands kidnapped, tortured, and missing.
Keywords: Political Persecution

Remember the Maine: The Roots of the Spanish-American War
Series Title: Destiny of Empires: The Spanish-American War of 18
Call Number: VCR 2005-11
Description: Traces the roots of the Spanish-American War through archival footage, newspaper excerpts, and historical documents.
Keywords: Spanish-American War

Rubios = The Blonds
Series Title: 2003
Call Number: DVD 2011-27
Description: Using a combination of fiction and documentary, Albertina Carri traces her parents' disappearance in 1977 during the regime of the Argentine junta.
Keywords: Disappeared Person; Argentina

Sheltering-in-Place: A Family Guide
Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2008-148
Description: A step-by-step guide to using your home as shelter during incidents due to nuclear (fallout), biological elements, and chemical agents.
Keywords: Instructional Guide; Nuclear Warfare; Terrorism; Emergency Management

Series Title:
Call Number: VCR 2000-45
Description: Directed by Claude Lanzmann.
Keywords: Holocaust

Survivor Stories: Finding Hope from an Unlikely Source
Series Title:
Call Number: VCR 2006-41
Description: Holocaust survivors and children of survivors give their true life accounts.
Keywords: Holocaust

The Armenian Genocide
Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2010-58
Description: The destruction of over a million Armenians at the hands of the Ottoman Turks and the Turkish government's repeated repudiation of the word 'genocide'.
Keywords: Armenian massacres; Andrew Goldberg

This Generation has no Future
Series Title: Mighty Continent
Call Number: VCR 2004-241
Description: Examines the chronology of events in WWI and discusses the devastating effects of modern warfare techniques.
Keywords: Europe: World War I

To Die in Jerusalem
Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2009-86
Description: Recounts the heart-wrenching story of two 17-year old girls: Israeli student Rachel Levy and her an 18-year-old Palestinian suicide bomber Ayat al-Akhras who died together at a Jerusalem market in 2002; and the emotionally charged encounter of their mothers four years later that underscored the deep roots of the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Predominantly in Hebrew & Arabic with English subtitles.
Keywords: Biographical; Hilla Medalia; Terrorism

Tuskegee Airmen: They Fought Two Wars
Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2004-56
Description: The pilots who faced discrimination in their efforts to fly combat aircraft in WWII.
Keywords: WWII; African-Americans

Ultimos Zapatistas: Heroes Olvidados
Series Title: 2005
Call Number: DVD 2007-431
Description: Mexican director Francesco Taboada Tabone searches for the last of the solders who fought beside General Emiliano Zapata in the 1910 Mexican revolution.
Keywords: Mexico; Zapatista; 1910 Mexican Revolutio

Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq War
Series Title:
Call Number: VCR 2007-140
Description: Interviews with more than twenty experts in opposition to the U.S. war in Iraq.
Keywords: United States: Iraq War, 2003; Interview

Vietnam: A Retrospective
Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2010-47
Description: A collection of films from the National Archives that include how the U.S. involvement in the Vietnam war began, rescue missions, actual footage of daily activities, combat operations, and personal stories.
Keywords: Department of defense; Military; Soldiers; Marines; Air Force; Economy; War

World War I: Clash of Empires
Series Title: ABC News: Paths to Power
Call Number: VCR 2005-121
Description: Documents the course of World War I, which blighted a generation and demonstrated the nature of modern warfare.
Keywords: World War I

World War II Films
Series Title: World War II Films
Call Number: DVD 2009-59
Keywords: War; J. C. Kaelin