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Dance: Modern Titles  (Choose Another Genre)

A History of Dance on Screen
Series Title: 2014
Call Number: DVD 2015-54
Description: Documentary film by Reiner Moritz on how the media has influenced dance in the twentieth century.
Keywords: Dance

Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2007-156
Description: Filmed dance piece choreographed and directed by choreographer Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker.
Keywords: Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2007-162
Description: Members of Ailey's dance company celebrate his memory by performing three works choreographed by Ailey himself, as well as a special ballet tribute choreographed by Ulysses Dove.
Keywords: Alvin Ailey; African-American Dance

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
Series Title: 2009
Call Number: DVD 2013-171
Description: Two programs, featuring four short compositions performed by the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.

Anna Sokolow: Choreography
Series Title:
Call Number: VCR 92-31
Description: Interview interspersed with performance footage.
Keywords: Interview

Antigone: The Tin Can Tied to her Own Damn Tail
Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2010-45
Keywords: Big Dance Theater; Greek Mythology; Mac Wellman

Series Title: 2003
Call Number: DVD 2015-51
Description: Created for the soloist dancers of the OpeĢra National de Paris using the metaphor of an apartment to express isolation.
Keywords: Mats Ek

Artists in Exile: A Story of Modern Dance in San Francisco
Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2010-65
Description: Documentary on 20th-century dance in San Francisco and the Bay Area, focusing on groundbreaking choreographers and companies.
Keywords: Modern Dance

Bill T. Jones: Dancing to the Promised Land
Series Title: Dance Series
Call Number: DVD 2007-267
Description: Award-winning film about the life, work and creative process of modern dance choreographer Bill T. Jones, whose dances are completely unique, provocative and contemporary.
Keywords: Jones, Bill T.

Bill T. Jones: Still/ Here with Bill Boyers
Series Title: Moyers Collection
Call Number: DVD 2006-237
Description: A look at dancer/choreographer Bill T. Jones's highly acclaimed dance, "Still/Here," derived from the thoughts and feelings of people facing life-threatening illnesses.
Keywords: Dance; Mental Illness; Bill T. Jones

Series Title: 2012
Call Number: DVD 2015-26
Description: Film interpretation of Mats Ek's solo piece BYE for and requested by Sylvie Guillem. Set to Beethoven's last piano sonata, Opus 111.
Keywords: Mats Ek; Sylvie Guillem

Cage / Cunningham: A Film
Series Title: 2006
Call Number: DVD 2009-10
Description: 50 year collaboration between composer John Cage and dancer/choreographer Merce Cunningham.
Keywords: Modern Dance; Biography

Catherine Wheel
Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2006-235
Description: Choreographed by Twyla Tharp on the life of Saint Catherine, who was martyred in the fourth century; set to an original score by David Byrne of The Talking Heads.
Keywords: Ballet; Twyla Tharp

Series Title:
Call Number: VCR 2000-266
Description: Interviews w/ John Cage, Merce Cunningham, Robert Rauschenberg.
Keywords: Interview; Experimental Theater

Dance Theatre of Harlem
Series Title:
Call Number: VCR 2001-47
Description: The work of the Dance Theatre of Harlem and director Arthur Mitchell.
Keywords: Documentary; Arthur Mitchell

Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2013-163
Description: Profiles Paul Taylor, pioneer of 20th century modern dance.

Dancing Dreams = Tanztraume
Series Title: 2010
Call Number: DVD 2015-25
Description: In 2008, world-famous dancer and choreographer Pina Bausch selected forty teenagers who had never heard her name to be part of her dance piece Contact Zone. For ten months through opening night, the young dancers discover Bausch's genius and their own bodies.
Keywords: Pina Bausch

Dancing in the Light
Series Title: Dance in America
Call Number: DVD 2009-326
Description: Dances recorded in performance at the 2001 American Dance Festival.
Keywords: American Dance Festival's Dancing in the Light: Six Dances by African-American Choreographers; Madison Davis Lacy; Modern Dance

Denishawn Dances On!
Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2007-105
Description: Documents the work of Ruth St. Denis and Ted Shawn, the mother and father of American modern dance.
Keywords: United States; Denishawn School of D

Denishawn: the Birth of Modern Dance
Series Title:
Call Number: VCR 2003-20
Description: The lives and work of the founders of the Denishawn School of Dance.
Keywords: Documentary

Donald McKayle: Heartbeats of A DanceMaker
Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2007-153
Description: Contemporary dancers perform excerpts from dances by African-American choreographer Donald McKayle; includes an interview with McKayle by Della Reese.
Keywords: Donald McKayle

Dreams: A Dance Work
Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2010-67
Description: A dance choreographed by Anna Sokolow inspired by scenes found in The diary of Anne Frank and The last of the just.
Keywords: Holocaust

European Tanztheater [Dance Theatre]
Series Title:
Call Number: VCR 2000-256
Description: The originators, forms, and repertory of European modern dance.

Five Dance Films about Place
Series Title: 2006
Call Number: DVD 2012-81
Description: Five site-specific dance films shot on location in rural Wisconsin by Artworks video.
Keywords: Modern Dance

Free to Dance
Series Title: Dance in America; Great Performances
Call Number: DVD 2007- 88
Description: The history of African American dance, with emphasis on the role that African American choreographers and dancers have played in the development of modern dance; in 3 parts.
Keywords: African American Dance: History; Choreography

From Broadway: Fosse
Series Title: Great Performances: Dance in America: 2011
Call Number: DVD 2013-172
Description: Broadway production of a 1999 tribute of choreographer Bob Fosse's greatest hits.
Keywords: Musical

Gas heart
Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2010-46
Keywords: Dadaism; Big Dance Theater

Gene Kelly: Dancing, a Man's Game
Series Title: Omnibus (1958)
Call Number: DVD 2015-21
Description: Gene Kelly performs and discusses the art of dance, drawing similarities between dance and athletic performance. Features a number of popular athletes of the era.
Keywords: Dance in Motion Pictures

Geography Trilogy
Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2010-49
Keywords: Ralph Lemon; African Amercian Dancers

Isadora Duncan: Technique and Repertory
Series Title:
Call Number: VCR 96-67
Description: History of Duncan's techniques and dance schools.

Jose Limon: Three Modern Dance Classics
Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2007- 41
Description: 1950s production of three of Limon's most famous works--"The Moor's Pavane," "The Traitor," "The Emperor Jones".
Keywords: Ballet; Jose Limon

Last Dance
Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2007-193
Description: Documents the genesis of "A Selection," a dance work created in collaboration by Pilobolus Dance Theatre and Maurice Sendak and Arthur Yorinks of the Night Kitchen Theater.
Keywords: Documentary; Pilobolus Dance Theatre; Sendak, Maurice

Living American Theater Dance!
Series Title: 1982
Call Number: DVD 2012-143
Description: Interviews and scenes of rigorous rehearsals by the dance troupe, American Dance Machine.
Keywords: Lee Theodore

Makers of Modern Dance in Germany: Rudolph Laban, Mary Wigman, Kurt Jooss
Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2007-106
Description: Rare archival films, stills and interviews illuminate the rise of modern dance in Europe and its founders, Rudolf Laban, Mary Wigman, and Kurt Jooss.
Keywords: Germany

Martha Clarke: Light and Dark
Series Title:
Call Number: VCR 2000-253
Description: Follows Clarke as she creates an evening of original theatrical dance.
Keywords: Martha Clarke

Men Who Danced
Series Title:
Call Number: VCR 92-33
Description: Story of first all-male modern dance company in the U.S.

Merce Cunningham Collection, Volume I
Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2007-133
Description: Three films by Elliot Caplan and the choreographer Merce Cunningham: Deli Commedia, Changing Steps, Beach Birds for Camera.
Keywords: Merce Cunningham

Merce Cunningham Dance Company: Robert Rauschenberg Collaborations
Series Title: 1996
Call Number: DVD 2013-157
Description: Three works of the collaboration between Robert Rauschenberg, John Cage, and Cunningham documented by Charles Atlas who worked as the company's filmaker for 10 years to create some of the most iconoclastic artworks of the 20th century.

Metamorphosis: A Dance-Theatre Adaptation after Franz Kafka
Series Title: 2013
Call Number: DVD 2015-53
Description: A traveling salesman transformed into a monstrous insect-like creature. Choreographed by Arthur Pita.
Keywords: Modern Dance; Royal Ballet

Molissa Fenley
Series Title:
Call Number: VCR 2000-228
Description: Molissa Finley, Philip Glass, and RoseLee Goldberg discuss Finley's work.
Keywords: Interview; Molissa Finley

Murray Louis in a Concert of Solo Dances
Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2010-25
Description: Documents Murray Louis's extraordinary career as a dance soloist, drawing on choreography from his first concert in 1953 to today.

Never Stand Still
Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2014-181
Description: Dancing at Jacob's Pillow. Legendary dancers and choreographers Merce Cunningham, Paul Taylor, Suzanne Farrell, Mark Morris, Judith Jamison, and Bill Irwin appear alongside new innovators to reveal the passion, discipline, and daring of the world of dance.

Pilobolus Dance Theatre
Series Title:
Call Number: VCR 2000-260
Description: Formation of Pilobius Dance Theatre; includes performances; Copy 2 (Copy 1 is "Lost").
Keywords: Documentary

Series Title: 2011
Call Number: DVD 2013-152
Description: Tribute to Bausch following her death in 2009.
Keywords: Modern Dance

Points in Space
Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2007-171
Description: The critically acclaimed collaboration for the screen by choreographer Merce Cunningham, composer John Cage, and filmmaker Elliot Caplan.

Reflection: Reconstructing Anna Sokolow's Steps of Silence
Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2010-68
Description: Presents complete performances of Anna Sokolow's Steps of Silence from 1968 and 2004.
Keywords: Labanotation; Repertory Dance Theatre

Split Sides
Series Title: 2006
Call Number: DVD 2013-158
Description: Four of 32 possible variations of Cunningham's work Split sides (2003), featuring two set designs, two sets of costumes, and two lighting plots.
Keywords: Charles Atlas; Cunningham Dance Foundation

The New Dance Group Gala Concert: An Historic Retrospective of New Dance Gr
Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2010-42
Description: The New Dance Group (ca. 1993) recreates 18 dances originally performed by the Group from 1934-1979. Each dance includes an introduction, usually by the original choreographers.

The Spirit of Dance: Dance Umbrella
Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2010-69
Description: On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Dance Umbrella, its founder and director Jeremy Alliger recounts the origin and history of the company.
Keywords: Modern Dance

Tribute to Lester Horton
Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2010-66
Description: Dance works by Lester Horton, performed by former members of his company. Performances include Sarong paramibo, Orozco, The beloved, and a portion of the Liberian suite.
Keywords: Modern Dance

Trisha Brown
Series Title:
Call Number: VCR 2001-314
Description: Part of a series on contemporary masters of American modern dance.
Keywords: Interview; Trisha Brown

Two Dances for the Camera: Epic and De l'eau
Series Title: 1994
Call Number: DVD 2012-72
Description: Two video/dance collaborations by Douglas Rosenberg and choreographer Li Chiao-Ping.
Keywords: Modern Dance

Wayne McGregor: Going Somewhere; A Moment in Time
Series Title: 2013
Call Number: DVD 2015-44
Description: The first program is a documentary providing insight into Wayne McGregor's collaboration with professional dancers from the Random Dance Company and the Royal Ballet as they work on new choreography while being monitored by neuroscientists. The second program is a performance of McGregor's dance piece Moment in time by the Random Dance Company.
Keywords: Modern Dance

Women's Work
Series Title:
Call Number: DVD 2010-71
Description: Documentary on a residency by the Urban Bush Women as seen through the eyes of Pofina Williams, a student at Virginia Commonwealth University.
Keywords: African American Dancers