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Title: Decolonization
Series Title / Date: About the United Nations
Call Number: VCR 92-52
Description: Follows the progress of decolonization since 1945 and the role the United Nations has played in promoting it.
Keywords: UN and World Politics

Title: Elected: The Presidency and Congress
Series Title / Date: People and the Power Game
Call Number: DVD 2006-133 v.2
Description: Examines the obstacles to bipartisan compromise between the President and Congress.
Keywords: United States Government

Title: Emerging Powers
Series Title / Date: Emerging Powers
Call Number: VCR 96-59
Description: 4-part series discusses the economic conditions and economic policies in four emerging nations; vol. 1.
Keywords: World Politics; China

Title: Environment and Development
Series Title / Date: About the United Nations
Call Number: VCR 92-50
Description: Shows young farmers in Thailand learning reforestation techniques and teens in Poland working on the Baltic Sea Project.
Keywords: UN and World Politics

Title: Executive Branch of Government: A Study of Federal and State Government
Series Title / Date: Branches of Government
Call Number: DVD 2006-123 v.1
Description: Shows how the Constitution established the Executive Branch, and its relationship to the Legislative and Judicial Branches of government
Keywords: United States Government; Instructional

Title: Fahrenheit 9/11
Series Title / Date:
Call Number: DVD 2010-189
Keywords: Michael Moore; War on Terrorism; U.S. Politics;

Title: First Amendment and the Press
Series Title / Date:
Call Number: VCR 91-23
Description: First Amendment and freedom of the press.
Keywords: Journalism

Title: Four More Years
Series Title / Date:
Call Number: VCR 2000-43
Description: Coverage of 1972 Republican National Convention.
Keywords: US Politics

Title: Gibbons v. Ogden
Series Title / Date: Equal Justice Under Law: Landmark Cases in Supreme Court History
Call Number: DVD 2006-111 v.3
Description: 1818 case ruling that the federal government has the power to regulate commerce
Keywords: Supreme Court

Title: Gideon's Trumpet: The Poor Man and the Law -- 1964
Series Title / Date: Landmark U.S. Supreme Court Decisions: Primary Sources
Call Number: DVD 2006-115 v.3
Description: Landmark case that provided counsel for impoverished defendants in non-capital cases.
Keywords: Supreme Court