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Title: A Moon for the Misbegotten
Series Title / Date: 1975
Call Number: DVD 2015-22
Description: Jason Robards portrays an alcoholic actor based on O'Neill's elder brother. Cast also includes Colleen Dewhurst who plays the daughter of a scheming Irish tenant farmer with whom the actor confides in one night.
Keywords: Eugene O'Neill's

Title: Arms and the Man
Series Title / Date: Classics: The Shaw Collection
Call Number: DVD 2007-2 v.1
Description: A comedy that looks at the misconceptions of love and war; with Helena Bonham Carter, Patsy Kensit. Original productions from the BBC remastered on DVD.
Keywords: Bernard Shaw

Title: Awake and Sing!
Series Title / Date: 1981
Call Number: DVD 2012-90
Description: Lives of a Jewish family in a Bronx tenement during the Depression. Starring Walter Matthau and Felicia Farr.
Keywords: Clifford Odets

Title: Carola
Series Title / Date: Broadway Theatre Archive - 1973
Call Number: DVD 2012-89
Description: A beautiful French actress struggles to avoid deadly politics and forbidden passions of Nazi-occupied France. Played by Leslie Caron.
Keywords: Jean Renoir

Title: Cherry Orchard
Series Title / Date: 2002
Call Number: DVD 2005-55
Description: Film adaptation of Chekov's play; starring Charlotte Rampling.
Keywords: Anton Chekov

Title: Devil's Disciple
Series Title / Date: Classics: The Shaw Collection
Call Number: DVD 2007-2 v.2
Description: A drama of a young man, the black sheep of his family, named heir to his father's fortune; set at the beginning of the Revolutionary War.
Keywords: Bernard Shaw

Title: Doll's House
Series Title / Date: 1973
Call Number: DVD 2005-50
Description: 1973 adaptation of Ibsen's play "Et dukkehjem," starring Claire Bloom, Anthony Hopkins.
Keywords: Henrik Ibsen

Title: Edward Albee's All Over
Series Title / Date: 1976
Call Number: DVD 2012-93
Description: A famous man lies dying behind a discreet hospital screen.
Keywords: Edward Albee

Title: Heartbreak House
Series Title / Date: Classics: The Shaw Collection
Call Number: DVD 2007-2 v.5
Description: Starring John Gielgud as Captain Shotover in Shaw's romp through the minefields of romantic entanglement.
Keywords: Comedy-Drama; Bernard Shaw

Title: Home
Series Title / Date: 2002
Call Number: DVD 2012-84
Description: The play by David Storey follows the interaction of five patients over the course of a single afternoon in the garden of an English mental hospital.
Keywords: Criterion Collection