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Title: African Drumming and Dance
Series Title / Date: 1994
Call Number: DVD 2011-37
Description: History and performances of authentic African drummers and dancer.
Keywords: African Music

Title: Amandla!: A Revolution in Four-Part Harmony
Series Title / Date: 2003
Call Number: DVD 2012-106
Description: Examines the pivotal role music played in South Africa's successful struggle to abolish apartheid, and in particular how lyrics and song became a part of political activism within the country.
Keywords: Human Rights Workers; South Africa; Hirsch

Title: Atumpan
Series Title / Date: Performing Arts of the Non-Western World
Call Number: VCR 88- 7
Description: About the "talking drums" of Ghana, featuring the commissioning, construction, and ceremonial use of a set of Ashanti drums
Keywords: Documentary; Africa: Ghana

Title: Balkan Fascination: Creating an Alternative Music Culture in America
Series Title / Date: 2007
Call Number: DVD 2007-444
Keywords: Folk Music; Ethnography

Title: Bandoneon!
Series Title / Date: 9 Evenings, Theatre & Engineering
Call Number: DVD 2010-72
Description: A series of dance, music and theater performances from 1966 involving engineers and scientists from Bell Telephone Laboratories.
Keywords: David Tudor; Electronic Music; Aleatory; Art; Technology

Title: Discovering the Music of Latin America
Series Title / Date: 1969
Call Number: DVD 2011-40
Description: History of Latin American music, musical instruments, and popular dances including the tango and rhumba with a focus on Indian and Spanish traditions.

Title: Discovering the Music of the Africa
Series Title / Date: 2004
Call Number: DVD 2011-39
Description: Music and rhythms of Africa, especially Ghana, and their usage as means of communication.
Keywords: African Music; Bernard Wilets

Title: Discovering the Music of the Middle East
Series Title / Date: 1968
Call Number: DVD 2011-38
Description: Historical development of music and musical instruments in the Middle East, focusing on the role of Islam.
Keywords: Middle Eastern Music; Bernard Wilets

Title: Exploring the World of Music
Series Title / Date: Exploring the World of Music
Call Number: VCR 2002- 19
Description: An introduction to music with a global perspective; 12 volumes
Keywords: Music Appreciation

Title: Four Indonesian Films
Series Title / Date:
Call Number: VCR 88-5
Description: 4 short films on Indonesian Music and Drama.
Keywords: Music, Theater