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Title: Bolivia
Series Title / Date: 2001
Call Number: DVD 2012-45
Description: A man finds work as an illegal alien in Argentina in order to support his family in Bolivia.
Keywords: Immigrant; Poverty

Title: Boquitas Pintadas = Painted Lips
Series Title / Date:
Call Number: VCR 2006-57
Description: Leopoldo Torre Nilsson's adaptation of the novel by Manual Puig.
Keywords: Manuel Puig

Title: Borderline
Series Title / Date:
Call Number: DVD 2009-223
Description: The story of a woman facing her 30th birthday as she looks back at her life with her mother and grandmother and her relationships with men sex and alcohol.
Keywords: Lyne Charlebois; Canada

Title: Boyfriends
Series Title / Date:
Call Number: VCR 2007- 35
Description: Three gay couples, all at varying stages in their relationships, gather for a weekend in the country to celebrate a birthday
Keywords: Homosexuality: relationships

Title: Boys Don't Cry
Series Title / Date:
Call Number: VCR 2003- 68
Description: Dramatization of the life and death of Teena Brandon; starring Hilary Swank
Keywords: Teena Brandon; Transsexuals

Title: Boys in the Band
Series Title / Date:
Call Number: VCR 2007-172
Description: A heterosexual is accidentally invited to a homosexual gathering at a birthday party, and tension builds as tempers fray
Keywords: Homosexuality

Title: Boys Town
Series Title / Date: 1938
Call Number: DVD 2012-39
Description: Story of Father Flanagan and his founding of Boys Town, a home for juvenile delinquents. Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney.
Keywords: Orphanage

Title: Boyz n the Hood
Series Title / Date:
Call Number: VCR 2000- 38
Description: Life in South Central LA
Keywords: Urban Life; John Singleton

Title: Boyz n the Hood
Series Title / Date: 1991
Call Number: DVD 2012-48
Description: Three friends struggle to survive in South Central Los Angeles.
Keywords: Crime; African American Teenagers

Title: Brat = Bother
Series Title / Date: 1997
Call Number: DVD 2011-11
Description: Danila returns from army service and looks up his older brother, who's become a contract killer in post-Soviet St. Petersburg. Danila is drawn into the violent underworld culture but retains a kind of honor in his dealings with those he comes to know there.
Keywords: Gangs; Russia