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Title: The Seven Deadly Wins: Ballet with Song in Eight Parts = Die Sieben TodsUnd
Series Title / Date: 1993
Call Number: DVD 2012-24
Description: Examines the impact of the seven deadly sins on mankind throughout the ages.
Keywords: Ballet; Peter Sellars; Kurt Weill; Television Program

Title: The Social Network
Series Title / Date: 2011
Call Number: DVD 2011-142
Description: In 2003, a Harvard undergrad, Mark Zuckerberg played by Jesse Eisenberg, designs the programming for the global social network and revolution in communication known as Facebook. Six years later after being the youngest billionaire in history, he faces a lawsuit with fellow Harvard student.
Keywords: Entrepreneur

Title: The Virgin Suicides
Series Title / Date: 1999
Call Number: DVD 2012-44
Description: In the mid-1970s of a suburban Michigan community, a group of boys obsess over mysterious sisters sheltered by their strict, religious parents after one of them commits suicide.
Keywords: Romance; Sofia Coppola

Title: The Winter Guest
Series Title / Date:
Call Number: DVD 2013-254
Description: An elderly women arrives unexpectedly at the home of her daughter, who is grieving over her the recent death of her husband. Starring Emma Thompson and her mother, Phyllida Law. Directed by Alan Rickman.
Keywords: Family

Title: Thelma & Louise
Series Title / Date: 2010
Call Number: DVD 2013-47
Description: Two friends head on the road for a short trip, but end up fugitives from the law after shooting a rapist.
Keywords: Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis

Title: There will be Blood
Series Title / Date: 2007
Call Number: DVD 2014-207
Description: Based on the novel "Oil!" by Upton Sinclair. Story of an encounter with a preacher and a California tycoon in the early 20th century.
Keywords: Paul Thomas Anderson; Oil Industry

Title: Third Man
Series Title / Date: Essential Art House: 50 Years of Janus Films (1949)
Call Number: DVD 2007-497
Description: Set in post-war Vienna, an American western-adventure writer searches for a friend who turns out to be the king-pin of the Austrian black market.
Keywords: Mystery; Carol Reed; Orson Welles

Title: Three Documentaries
Series Title / Date: Essential Art House: 50 Years of Janus Films (2006)
Call Number: DVD 2007-506
Description: Paul Robeson: Tribute to an artist; The Love Goddess; The Great Chase
Keywords: African American and Women in Motion Pictures

Title: Throne of Blood
Series Title / Date:
Call Number: VCR 90- 14
Description: Akira Kurosawa's version of Macbeth
Keywords: Japanese

Title: Tigress
Series Title / Date:
Call Number: VCR 2005-8
Description: Story of three sisters, one of whom is called "The Tigress" and has supernatural powers.
Keywords: Spanish (Ecuador)