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Title: Sanskrit Drama
Series Title / Date:
Call Number: VCR 93-24
Description: Sanskrit drama and dance forms of India.
Keywords: Theater - India

Title: Saving the Ayuquila River = Salvando el Río Ayuquila
Series Title / Date: 2005
Call Number: DVD 2009-106
Description: People who depend on the Ayuquila River for their survival work with a sugar mill, the main polluter of the river, towards a sustainable future.
Keywords: Environmental Films; Industry; Mexico

Title: Secrets of the Pharaohs
Series Title / Date: Secrets of the Pharaohs
Call Number: VCR 2006-8
Description: 3-part series about the ancient Egyptians and their leaders.
Keywords: Egyptology

Title: Settling Down
Series Title / Date: Making of Mankind
Call Number: VCR 2004-233
Description: Traces the shift from a nomadic way of life to that of the settled villager and farmer
Keywords: Human Evolution; Prehistoric Peoples

Title: Silent Choices
Series Title / Date: 2007
Call Number: DVD 2012-220
Description: The abortion issue through the lives of African American women.

Title: Smart Textiles
Series Title / Date: 2007
Call Number: DVD 2012-42
Description: Development of textiles from the 1950s through the 21st century.
Keywords: Nano Technology

Title: Smokin': Classic Cigarette Commercials
Series Title / Date: 2011
Call Number: DVD 2013-194
Description: A collection of cigarette advertisements broadcast on television from the 1950s to the 1960s.
Keywords: Advertising

Title: Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz
Series Title / Date: 2004
Call Number: DVD 2012-182
Description: Life of Sister Juana Ines de la Cruz, a 17th century nun, scholar, and outstanding lyric poet of Mexico's colonial period.

Title: Still doing it: the intimate lives of women over 65
Series Title / Date: 2004
Call Number: DVD 2012-257
Description: Explores the lives of nine women aged 67-87 and their feelings about sex and love in later life and the realities of aging.

Title: Story of Film: An Odyssey
Series Title / Date: 2012
Call Number: DVD 2013-197
Description: Written and directed by Mark Cousins. The story of international cinema told through the history of cinematic innovation.
Keywords: Motion Picture Industry