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Title: Junk Science: What You Know That May Not Be So
Series Title / Date: 2012
Call Number: DVD 2013-229
Description: ABC news production which examines the public's trust in science and how that trust can be manipulated.

Title: Kino-eye = Kino-glaz; Three songs about Lenin = Tri pesni o Lenine;
Series Title / Date: 1924
Call Number: DVD 2013-124
Description: Kino-eye: A collection of excerpts from newsreels and documentary films of Soviet life in the early 1920s. Three songs about Lenin: Lenin as revealed through the eyes of the Russian people through three songs.
Keywords: Idealism

Title: La Bestia = The Beast
Series Title / Date: 2010
Call Number: DVD 2012-242
Description: The hardships Central American migrants encounter as they hop on a cargo train on Mexican soil as they head to the United States.
Keywords: Immigration

Title: La Hora de los Hornos: Notas y Testimonios Sobre el Neocolonialismo, la Vio
Series Title / Date: 2007
Call Number: DVD 2012-138
Description: The liberation struggle waged throughout Latin America.
Keywords: Facsism; Argentina; Politics and Government

Title: La Mama: A Theatrical Tapestry
Series Title / Date: 2010
Call Number: DVD 2013-128
Description: Features excerpts of some of the 18 plays revived during the theatre's anniversary season.
Keywords: Off-Broadway Theater

Title: Land of Opportunity
Series Title / Date: 2010
Call Number: DVD 2013-126
Description: Stories of those, including teanager Tr'Vel Lyons, struggling to rebuild post-Katrina New Orleans.
Keywords: Hurricane Katrina; Natural Disasters

Title: Laramie Project
Series Title / Date: 2002
Call Number: DVD 2013-228
Description: Play based on transcripts of over 200 interviews with the people in Laramie, Wyoming after Matthew Shepard was killed in 1998.
Keywords: Gay Rights

Title: Live Nude Girls Unite!
Series Title / Date: 2000
Call Number: DVD 2012-221
Description: Follows Julia Query, a peepshow stripper, on her journey to help organize the only strippers union in the United States.
Keywords: Labor Univions

Title: Lower Than the Angels
Series Title / Date: Ascent of Man
Call Number: VCR 2004-215
Description: Looks at the evolutionary changes which gave rise to man's superiority among the animals.
Keywords: Human History: Human Evolution

Title: Lugar Mas Pequenno= Tiniest Place
Series Title / Date: 2011
Call Number: DVD 2014-49
Description: The story of how the villagers in Cinquera, a village wiped off the map during El Salvador's 12-year civil war, restored their town.
Keywords: Civil War; Brazil