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Title: Martha Clarke: Light and Dark
Series Title / Date:
Call Number: VCR 2000-253
Description: Follows Clarke as she creates an evening of original theatrical dance.
Keywords: Martha Clarke

Title: Men Who Danced
Series Title / Date:
Call Number: VCR 92-33
Description: Story of first all-male modern dance company in the U.S.

Title: Merce Cunningham Collection, Volume I
Series Title / Date:
Call Number: DVD 2007-133
Description: Three films by Elliot Caplan and the choreographer Merce Cunningham: Deli Commedia, Changing Steps, Beach Birds for Camera.
Keywords: Merce Cunningham

Title: Merce Cunningham Dance Company: Robert Rauschenberg Collaborations
Series Title / Date: 1996
Call Number: DVD 2013-157
Description: Three works of the collaboration between Robert Rauschenberg, John Cage, and Cunningham documented by Charles Atlas who worked as the company's filmaker for 10 years to create some of the most iconoclastic artworks of the 20th century.

Title: Molissa Fenley
Series Title / Date:
Call Number: VCR 2000-228
Description: Molissa Finley, Philip Glass, and RoseLee Goldberg discuss Finley's work.
Keywords: Interview; Molissa Finley

Title: Murray Louis in a Concert of Solo Dances
Series Title / Date:
Call Number: DVD 2010-25
Description: Documents Murray Louis's extraordinary career as a dance soloist, drawing on choreography from his first concert in 1953 to today.

Title: Never Stand Still
Series Title / Date:
Call Number: DVD 2014-181
Description: Dancing at Jacob's Pillow. Legendary dancers and choreographers Merce Cunningham, Paul Taylor, Suzanne Farrell, Mark Morris, Judith Jamison, and Bill Irwin appear alongside new innovators to reveal the passion, discipline, and daring of the world of dance.

Title: Pilobolus Dance Theatre
Series Title / Date:
Call Number: VCR 2000-260
Description: Formation of Pilobius Dance Theatre; includes performances; Copy 2 (Copy 1 is "Lost").
Keywords: Documentary

Title: Pina
Series Title / Date: 2011
Call Number: DVD 2013-152
Description: Tribute to Bausch following her death in 2009.
Keywords: Modern Dance

Title: Points in Space
Series Title / Date:
Call Number: DVD 2007-171
Description: The critically acclaimed collaboration for the screen by choreographer Merce Cunningham, composer John Cage, and filmmaker Elliot Caplan.