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Title: Once More Removed: A Journey Back to India
Series Title / Date:
Call Number: DVD 2007-65
Description: A young Guyanese-American chronicles her attempts to ascertain her family's removal from their native India to Guyana and her parent's subsequent migration from Guyana.
Keywords: India; South Asian Diaspora

Title: Percy Julian: Forgotten Genius
Series Title / Date:
Call Number: DVD 2007-213
Description: Biography of Percy Julian's life and scientific breakthroughs, with period reenactments based on newly opened family archives and interviews with colleagues and relatives
Keywords: Jullian, Percy Lavon; Chemists; African-American s

Title: Persepolis
Series Title / Date:
Call Number: DVD 2009-208
Description: Coming-of-age story of an outspoken young Iranian girl beginning during the Islamic Revolution of 1979.
Keywords: Vincent Paronnaud; Marjane Satrapi; War; Drama; Iran; Islamic fundamentalists; Social Conditions

Title: Proceed and be Bold!
Series Title / Date:
Call Number: DVD 2009-224
Description: documents the life of Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. a letterpress artist who lives out the secret American Dream of rejecting the establishment and living his art as his life.
Keywords: Laura Zinger; African American; Artist

Title: Queen of Versailles
Series Title / Date: 2012
Call Number: DVD 2012-248
Description: Documentary about a billionaire family and their financial challenges in the wake of the economic crisis. The film follows two unique characters, whose rags-to-riches-to-rags success stories reveal the innate virtues and flaws of the American Dream.

Title: Raymundo
Series Title / Date: 2009
Call Number: DVD 2013-35
Description: A film by Ernesto Ardito and Virna Molina. Life and works of Raymundo Gleyzer, Argentine filmmaker, kidnapped and murdered by the country's military dictatorship in 1976.
Keywords: Argentina

Title: Rediscovering George Washington
Series Title / Date:
Call Number: DVD 2006-129
Description: Explores the character of Washington, as a warrior, politician, and charismatic leader, and traces his accomplishments
Keywords: George Washington

Title: Revolutionary
Series Title / Date: 2012
Call Number: DVD 2012-217
Description: Sidney Rittenberg reflects on his remarkable life as an American member of the Chinese Communist Party.
Keywords: China; Historical

Title: Richard Rodgers: The Sweetest Sounds
Series Title / Date: CRI American Masters
Call Number: DVD 2006-7
Description: A film portrait of the legendary composer; includes interviews with Julie Andrews, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and others as well as archival performances.
Keywords: Richard Rodgers

Title: Romantico
Series Title / Date: 2005
Call Number: DVD 2012-214
Description: Story of Carmelo, a car wash employee by day and mariachi musician by night, struggle to cope with his mother's mortality, his daughters' needs, and his own dreams.
Keywords: Immigration