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Title: Betrayal
Series Title / Date: (1983)
Call Number: DVD 2014-163
Description: The story of the love triangle involving a man whose wife is having an affair with his best friend. Cast includes Jeremy Irons, Ben Kingsley, Patricia Hodge.
Keywords: Adultery

Title: Blancanieves
Series Title / Date: 2011
Call Number: DVD 2014-174
Description: Inspired by the Grimm Brothers' tale. A re-telling of the classic 'Snow White' set in 1920s Seville and centered on a female bullfighter.
Keywords: Drama

Title: Company: A Musical Comedy
Series Title / Date: 2007
Call Number: DVD 2014-173
Description: Love and commitment as seen through the eyes of a bachelor questioning his married friends.
Keywords: Raúl Esparza; Musical

Title: Errol Garner Live in 63 and 64
Series Title / Date:
Call Number: DVD 2014-180
Description: Filmed concerts with bassist Eddie Calhoun and drummer Kelly Martin.
Keywords: Jazz; Piano Music

Title: Gideon's Army
Series Title / Date: 2013
Call Number: DVD 2014-185
Description: Follows a group of public defenders as they work in the Deep South trying to defend their clients who have been charged with a variety of crimes.
Keywords: Legal Aids; Documentary

Title: Gimme the Power
Series Title / Date: 2012
Call Number: DVD 2014-184
Description: Mexican band Molotov.
Keywords: Documentary

Title: Guerrilla y la Esperanza: Lucio Cabanas = Guerrilla and the Hope
Series Title / Date: 2007
Call Number: DVD 2014-182
Description: Life of teacher-turned-guerrilla leader Lucio Cabañas.
Keywords: Revolutions; Autiobiography

Title: History of the Pianoforte: A Documentation in Sound
Series Title / Date: 1999
Call Number: DVD 2014-154
Description: Famous or noteworthy instruments played by great artists. Features musical works contemporaneous with the pianos.
Keywords: Music

Title: How Sweet it Was: The Sights and Sounds of Gospel's Golden Age
Series Title / Date: (1960)
Call Number: DVD 2014-166
Description: A compilation of the best gospel music over 40 years by Anthony Heilbut. Includes music tracks from the 1940s-1960s on the accompanying CD. Also includes booklet with biographical notes and photos.
Keywords: Gospel

Title: Killing Kasztner the trials and the assassination of Israel Kasztner
Series Title / Date: 2014
Call Number: DVD 2014-183
Description: Story of Rezso Kasztner, known as the Jewish Schindler, who negotiated with Adolf Eichmann to free over 1700 Jews on a train to Switzerland, though he would be executed for this act condemned as a traitor in his adopted country of Israel.
Keywords: Documentary; World War II