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Title: Ilusion Viaja en Tranvia = Illusion Travels by Streetcar
Series Title / Date: Coleccion Mexico en Pantalla (1953)
Call Number: DVD 2014-116
Description: A motley crew of passengers on a rundown streetcar about to be decommissioned go on a series of picaresque adventures, with elements of political, social, and religious satire expressed in the form of a fairy tale.
Keywords: Drama; Luis Bunuel

Title: Abismos de Pasion
Series Title / Date: Coleccion Bunuel (1954)
Call Number: DVD 2014-105
Description: Based on Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.
Keywords: Drama

Title: Age D'Or = Age of Gold
Series Title / Date: 1930
Call Number: DVD 2014-104
Description: Surrealistic film about two lovers who mock convention and the society intent on preventing them from satisfying their desire. Written by Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali.
Keywords: Drama; Surrealism

Title: All's Well that Ends Well
Series Title / Date: Globe Theatre on screen -2011
Call Number: DVD 2014-39
Description: Helena loves the arrogant Bertram, and when she cures the King of France of his sickness, she claims Bertram as her reward. Cast includes Ellie Piercy and Michael Bertenshaw.
Keywords: Shakespeare's Globe Theater Production

Title: Alonzo King Lines Ballet: From San Francisco 2011
Series Title / Date:
Call Number: DVD 2014-101
Description: Triangle of the Squinches features an innovative kinetic set by architect Christopher Haas.
Keywords: Ballet; Alonzo King

Title: Angel Exterminador = Exterminating Angels
Series Title / Date: Coleccion Bunuel (1962)
Call Number: DVD 2014-112
Description: A group of high-society friends are invited to a mansion for dinner and inexplicably find themselves unable to leave.
Keywords: Drama; Luis Bunuel; Naufragos de la Calle de la Providencia

Title: Basic Field Production: Sound
Series Title / Date: Master Classes in the Media Arts - 1992
Call Number: DVD 2007-332
Description: Tools and techniques to record sound on location.
Keywords: Sound Production

Title: Belle de Jour
Series Title / Date: (1967)
Call Number: DVD 2014-120
Description: Erotic film about a wealthy young surgeon's wife who works as a part-time prostitute in a Paris brothel.
Keywords: Drama; Luis Bunuel; Catherine Deneuve

Title: Black & White Ballets
Series Title / Date: (1995-7)
Call Number: DVD 2014-99
Description: Choreographed works by Jiri Kylian.
Keywords: Ballet; Modern Dance

Title: Bruto = Brute
Series Title / Date: 1952
Call Number: DVD 2014-123
Description: A slow-witted but strong slaughterhouse worker who is hired by a slumlord to break a tenant strike accidentally kills one of the strike leaders. He is then drawn into a doomed affair with the landlord's wife.
Keywords: Drama; Luis Bunuel