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Title: Amahl and the Night Visitors
Series Title / Date: 1955
Call Number: DVD 2014-211
Description: A disabled shepherd boy and his mother are visited by three men on their way to see the Baby Jesus in Bethlehem. Symphony of the Air
Keywords: Opera; Bill McIver

Title: As You Like It
Series Title / Date: Shakespeare's Globe (2009)
Call Number: DVD 2015-3
Description: Rosalind, in love with the naive Orlando, disguises herself as the male Ganymede to counsel him about courting Rosalind. This staging was performed at Shakespeare's Globe in London, a reconstruction of the open-air theater designed in 1599. Cast: Naomi Frederick, Laura Rogers, Dominic Rowan, Jack Laskey. Stage Director: Thea Sharrock Film Director: Kriss Russman.
Keywords: Shakespeare

Title: Being There
Series Title / Date: 1979
Call Number: DVD 2015-2
Description: A sheltered gardener who's previous life experience included only what he'd seen on TV, heads out into the world and stumbles into the inner circle of political power brokers.
Keywords: Peter Sellers; Social Isolation; Comedy-Drama

Title: Belshazzar
Series Title / Date: 2008
Call Number: DVD 2014-213
Description: The moral and political corruption represented by King Belshazzar will soon yield to the forces of the Persian prince Cyprus. Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin
Keywords: Oratorio; Rene Jacobs

Title: Calisto
Series Title / Date: 1996
Call Number: DVD 2014-214
Description: Story of Fallible Gods that juxtaposes "Monteverdian declamation with new-fangled aria techniques" - cover. Concerto Vocale ; Rene Jacobs, conductor.
Keywords: Venetian Opera; Rene Jacobs

Title: Die Frau ohne Schatten
Series Title / Date: 1992
Call Number: DVD 2014-212
Description: The daughter of Keikobad, ruler of the spirit world, has married an Emperor. As a result she is now neither human nor a spirit and cannot bear children unless she can find a shadow. Wiener Philharmoniker ; Sir Georg Solti, conductor.
Keywords: Opera

Title: Mostly Martha
Series Title / Date: 2001
Call Number: DVD 2015-6
Description: A master chef's finely-tuned life is upset when her nine-year old niece Lina comes to stay, and a free-spirited sous chef is hired at her kitchen.
Keywords: Romantic Drama

Title: The Jeffersons
Series Title / Date:
Call Number: DVD 2015-1 v.1-6
Description: Originally airing from 1975 to 1985, of a family's exploits as they move from the working-class section of Queens to a luxury apartment in Manhattan.
Keywords: TV Series