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Current Lists of Alabama Depository Library Offers
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The lists below are offers from the University of Alabama Depository Library.

To request publications, contact:
Tami Melancon
University of Alabama Libraries
Box 870266
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487

If your library wishes to request items, please contact tmelanco[AT] 
Reimbursement is requested for shipping costs greater than $5.

Publications Offered  Expire (10/31/11)      
Paper publications dated 9/29/11  
A 13.79/3:990/4
Bulletin of Hardwood Market Statistics: Fall 1990, Research Note NE-343
C 3.140/2-5:980
County Government Employment in 1986, GE-86-4
C 61.2: AD 9
The Advocacy Center, Leveling the Playing Field for U.S. Businesses Competing Internationally
D 201.2: V 82
Sharing the Vision, "Innovations in Care" NNMC Transformation 2000
FS 1.18: G 76
Grants-in-Aid, A Bibliography
HE 20.8108: C 49/2/980          
Orientation Manual for Citizen Boards of Federally Funded Community Mental Health Centers
HE 22.19/4: M 46/2/977
Health Care Financing Notes, Medicare: Inpatient Use of Short-Stay Hospitals, 1977
J 1.42/3: SD-DJC-1
Dictionary of Criminal Justice Data Terminology, First Edition, 1976
J 21.2: AL 4/5/981
Documentary Requirements for Aliens in the United States
  D 213.8:2010

The Astronomical Almanac for the year 2010, Data forAstronomy, Space Sciences, Geodesy, Surveying,
Navigation and other applications
A 1
SI 6
SI 6.2: M 93
SI 9.2: W 37