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Adaptive Technology
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Adaptive Software

  • NaturalReader.  Eight computers in Gorgas Library and eight computers in Rodgers Library offer NaturalReader, which converts written text in emails, PDFs and other documents into spoken word.  In Gorgas, these eight computers are located in the Music Library (first floor).  In Rodgers, these eight computers are located on the second floor.  Click here for more information.
  • JAWS. Four Dell computers in Gorgas Library are equipped with the JAWS screen reader program.  These computers are in the entrance to the Music Library (first floor).  Click here for more information.
  • Music Software.  The programs GOODFEEL, Lime and SharpEye are available on two of the Dell PCs in the Music Library.  These programs are useful for persons with visual impairments who are studying music.

Braille Printer

Users needing access to a Braille printer should contact the Office of Disability Services at (205) 348-4285.

Visual Enlarger

Hoole Library is equipped with a C-Tech visual enlarger.

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