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One letter and a receipt to A. Peter and Company of Louisville, Kentucky, from the J. W. Crowdus Drug Company, Dallas, Texas, about a shipment.
Letter written by J.E. B____, Jr., a student at Lake Forest Academy in Illinois, to an unidentified friend. He writes about preparing for a class that will assure his entrance into Kenyon College, explaining that he will be required to read Homer and Xenophon's "Anabasis" in Greek.
Mrs. T.R. Jack writes home to her husband in Memphis, Tennessee, while visiting Sewanee, Tennessee with their daughter, Marinan. The letter details Marinan's illness, treatment with calomel, and recovery.
Primitive diary of a young lady of Gainesville, Alabama.
Four journals documenting the daily life of Thomas K. Jackson.
This collection contains a letter from James of Dodge Center, Minnesota, to C. W. Barber of North Loup, Nebraska, about a small pox scare in town. He also mentions a search for good men to serve as pastors.
James, a young man in college at St. Mary's, writes anecdotes to Miriam A. Berry of Big Spring, Kentucky.
J.C. James of Ft. Worth, Texas writes to his wife who is vacationing with family in Athol, Kansas. It is a generic letter about how much he misses her.
This collection contains one Japanese Centavo, a bank note issued by the Japanese Military Authority during World War II, which was used to replace the local currency during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines.
Letters from Trena Jarmuiokice of Poland, to H. Jarmuiokice in Canada. The letters are written in Polish, translation unavailable.
The family and friends of Harry E. Jarvis write to him from Glendale and Los Angeles, California, regarding an orchard and farm struggling to make a profit from fruit sales and chickens. Twenty-four of the thirty letters are from Mr. Jarvis's wife, Cece, who is very homesick and describes the hard work of trying to keep the farm afloat, as well as her anxiety over child-rearing decisions made alone.
Jason ____ writes a "thank you" note to his grandparents for a gift of money.
This collection consists of two scrips submitted as part of applications to participate in the 1951 Jason's Jamboree.
Two 1943 menus and postcard from the Jefferson Davis Hotel in Montgomery, Montgomery County, Alabama.
The collection contains a letter written from Jefferson in New Orleans, Louisiana, to the Postmaster of New Orleans, Louisiana, requesting employment, as well as photocopies of documents issued between Jefferson's widow and the United States War Department debating his service in the First Alabama Cavalry during the American Civil War.
Mark Jeffries, a prisoner in Evansville, Indiana, writes to his girlfriend, Jill, who is also the mother of his daughter. Most of the content is about their relationship, missing her and asking that she remain faithful.
The Robert Jemison, Jr. Papers span the period from 1797 to 1960 and include both the personal and business papers of Robert Jemison Jr., along with papers of Robert Jemison (grandfather), William Jemison (father), Priscilla Jemison (wife), Cherokee Jemison Hargrove (daughter), and Andrew Coleman Hargrove (son-in-law), and Robert Jemison Jr. (IV) of Birmingham (1878-1973). Included are the records of his grist and lumber mills, plantations, stage line, the Tuskaloosa Plank Road, toll bridges, ferries, postal contracts, and the North East and South West Railroad.
Two letters addressed to Ellen and William Jenkins of Blythedale, Missouri. Kate and Mary Lynch of Clyde, Missouri, wrote of their health and news of neighbors. C. Brazelton of Leon, Iowa, wrote to discuss a property deal with William.
The collection contains three letters written to Jenks Brothers, Wholesale Portrait and Frame Dealers, from three different authors concerning general business matters as well as matters regarding land interests in California and New Mexico.
One letter from Jennie to Clara that discusses Decoration Day and the centennial.
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